January 2018 Magazines 89134 - Page 41

A Step Above 2018 Gina Ruiz The Meadows School senior Gina Ruiz is following closely in the footsteps of some exceptional people. A child of Mexican immigrants, she has seen the transformative power of perseverance and living life with perspective, and conscientiously chooses to embody those traits as she pur- sues her noble interests. Her belief is that the only way to change anything or create something new is to get to work. And work, she does, advancing academically and as a leader as she pur- sues a future advocating for human rights through foreign service. Bold, intelligent and per- ceptive, she’s preparing to make the world a better place through diplomacy, and for that, Gina Ruiz is– A Step Above. G.P.A.: 4.52 Sports: • Intramural Tennis, 2016 • Figure Skating, 2012-2015 • Debate Team, 2014-2015 • Women’s Empowerment Club, 2014; Secretary, 2016-2017; Vice President, 2017-2018 • Key Club, 2015-Present; Third Vice President, 2016-2017; Co-President, 2017-2018 • National Honor Society, 2016-Present • National Spanish Honor Society, 2016-Present • Literary Podcast Club, 2016-Present; Vice President, 2016-2018 Awards/Community Service: • Tufts Voices Diversity Experience Travel Grant Recipient, 2017 • Emory University CORE Travel Grant Recipient, 2017 • Wellesley College Travel Grant Recipient, 2017 • National Hispanic Recognition Scholar, 2017-2018 • AP Scholar with Distinction, 2017 • Neubauer Summer Scholars Family Adelante Program Scholarship Recipient, 2017 • National Spanish Exam Junior Travel Award to Peru, 2017 • Inspire Nevada, 2016-Present • Shade Tree Children's Activity Center, 2016-Present National Spanish Exam awarded you an all-expense paid trip to Peru. How was it? “This amazing experience was my first time traveling to South America and opened my eyes to the sheer size and beauty of our world. This trip was also incredibly special to me as a person of Mexican heritage, since it gave me the opportunity to experience another Latin American cul- ture.” Where would you say you get your solid work ethic from? “A Mexican immigrant with limit- ed English, my mother managed to earn her bachelor's and master's degree in education while raising my sister and me and holding a full-time job. Her strength in overcoming obstacles has shown me that I can do anything I set my mind to. She is my superhero.” January/February 2018 What’s an obstacle you’ve faced? “A significant obstacle I have faced is overcoming my shy- ness and self-doubt. A naturally quiet person, I had a difficult time expressing my opinions and ideas for many years. The idea of speaking in public was absolutely terrifying! As I have grown older, however, and become involved with several social justice causes, I have learned how to be confident with who I am.” 41