January 2018 Magazines 89117 - Page 41

A Step Above 2018 Crissy Yumul Life is all about choices. When things don’t go your way, Clark High School senior Crissy Yumul sums it up like this: “You can either choose to be in a bad mood, or brush it off and choose to have a good day. It all starts with you.” The philosophy has served her well in facing harsh realities, overcoming obstacles and flourishing as a star student and all-around bright individual. Finding strength and hap- piness in the little things, and comfort from family and friends, she keeps her momentum moving for- ward and her head held high as she strives to make her mark in high school and beyond. Grateful, opti- mistic and dedicated to improving herself each and every day, Crissy Yumul is– A Step Above. G.P.A.: 4.5 Activities/Clubs: • The Book of Love Dance Showcase, May 2015 • Staff Writer–Journalism 2, 2015-2016 • Falling Into Spring Dance Showcase, February 2016 & 2017 • Golden Dreams Dance Showcase, May 2016 • Copy Writer–Publications 2, 2017-2018 • Dance Company, 2016-2018 • Solo & Ensemble, 2017 • CCSD Dance Festival Showcase, April 2017 • Five, Six, Seven, Eight Dance Showcase, May 2017 • National Honor Society, 2015-2018 • Honors Academy, 2016-2018 • Rotary/Interact Club Secretary, 2017-2018 Awards/Community Service: • Straight A Honor Roll, 2008-2016 • National Honor Society Inductee, 2016 • End To Walk Alzheimer's Organization, 2015 • Ronald McDonald House, 2017 • Springs Preserve Volunteer Organization, 2017 • Light The Night Walk, 2017 • We R Community, 2017-2018 • French Club, 2017-2018 • Yoga Club Treasurer, 2017-2018 • Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon, 2015 & 2016 What makes you tick? “I find joy and fulfillment in knowing that I’ve improved as a human being more than anything else. Whether it be getting more involved and exploring new hobbies/interests, or adopt- ing better qualities such as forgiveness and compassion. This is not an effort to be perfect because noth- ing really can be, but it’s more so to be the best I can be.” Progress seems more important to you than hitting a goal. Can you expand on that? “As long as I am moving forward, that is success to me. We often don’t appreciate the little improvements we make towards our goals, but it’s really important to acknowledge them. For example, in terms of good grades, studying diligently for a test is already something to be proud about. It is one step closer to getting an A.” Tell us about the Light the Night Walk and what you took away from it. “It is hosted by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society organization. The main attraction is the colored lanterns: red for supporters, yellow/gold for dedication of the deceased, and white for survivors. What really touched my heart were the people with white lanterns, as they beat cancer! It changed my outlook in a way that no matter how hard it may seem, just keep pushing and you will be rewarded.” Your life was touched by cancer. How did that affect you? “I was only 10 years old when my father passed away from pancreatic cancer. Dealing with and accepting the grief that it brought on my family taught me many valuable lessons, like cherishing my loved ones, living life with no regrets, and most importantly, life is dictated by your choices. When life comes at you with obstacles, it is solely up to you in how you choose to react to it.” January/February 2018 41