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SNEAK PREVIEWS The Food Babe Way by Vani Hari Return to Exile by Lynne Gentry Nutritionist Vani Hall offers an easy and accessible plan to rid your body of toxins, lose weight without counting calories, and restore your natural glow in just 21 days. Includes anecdotes from her own transformation, plus easy-to-follow shopping lists, meal plans, and mouthwatering recipes. This will empower you to change your way of thinking about food. By the Light of the Moon by Jodi Vaughn Six years ago, Dr. Lisbeth Hastings had to leave behind the love of her life, not just in another country, but in another time. Her skills as an epidemiologist helps alleviate the pain, but when she goes to bed, images of her beloved Cyprian haunt her sleep. This continuation of The Carthage Chronicles is a spellbinding adventure of star-crossed lovers. The 20/20 Diet by Dr. Phil McGraw Werewolf Guardian Damon Trahan’s mission is to rescue Ava Renfroe from a pack of rogue wolves. After the rescue they can’t ignore the red hot passion between them. Will Damon sacrifice everything he’s ever known to have the one thing he’s never meant to have? Will the war between the Packs destroy them before love even has a chance? Money Master the Game by Tony Robbins Based on extensive research and one-onone interviews with more than 50 of the most legendary financial experts in the world— from Carl Icahn and Warren Buffett, to Ray Dalio and Steve Forbes—Tony Robbins has created a simple 7-step blueprint that anyone can use for financial freedom. Beneficial to readers of every income level. A Short Guide to a Long Life by David B. Agus, MD The New York Times bestselling book of simple rules to living a long, healthy life, featuring illustrations throughout. Subjects such as What to Do, What to Avoid, and Doctor’s Orders provide answers to common and notso-common questions like who should take a baby aspirin daily? Are flu shots safe? Are airport scanners hazardous? and more. A New Season by Al and Lisa Robertson Alan and Li ̈́Iͽ́)ɥéٽɥєݽ́䁅ѡ)Ս ȁ хѡѽ)ѵЁ͡ɔѡ͕ɕ́ѡЁٕͅ)ѡȁɥQ䁍չ͕́ɽՉ)ɽ́ѡչQ͡ɥ)ѡȁɑ̰͡ѡȁɹѼɕݕ)ѵаѡɥ٥ɥ()Q͔͕ٕɕͽ́ɔѥѡ)͔́Ѽ!չȰɅ٥̰)ɕɥѥɅѥ䁅͔)ɕѕхѥ̰ͅѥ)ɕձ́ȁѕ̸ɽ)ɕ͕QUѥє]ЁMѥ)ԁхЁ܁ѥՔȁѡ)ɕЁȁ()5ɥ()ѡ!ɽݥ)Mѥѡ 屔хєѡ)́Ёѡ́ѡɥѕ)ݡɕ́ݡЁ́ѕȁMɱ)!́́ɍͥ́Aɽͽ)5ɥյѼѡȁ5ɥe)Ѡٕٕ́Ёم䁥)1éɥչݽɱѡɔ́)͡хѕ́Ѽх́()!ɐ1()5ɕѠ]() ɥɔݕȁݡٔ)ѡɽ՝ݡ)ѽɸѡаͽ܁ѡ䁡ٔ݅)չѡȁ݅䁉ѼѡȰɔ)ٔɽȁѡٕȸ Ёݡɥ)չٕ́չ͕ѱѕȁ e)ѽ䰁ȁɭ́ɬ͕ɕ́)Ѽи()Mɽ%ͥ()ɕ܁5Ʌ) Ʌ䁽A]Ёɥ)ɥͭщȁѡM )ѠѡəѼɕٕɔ)ѕɽչѽ䁽)ɥѡЁٔѼ)ɽѡɔA]éͥљհ)Ёɽѥɕٕ́́ȁѡ՝)ѡɽ՝Ё́ɹ()Mѡɸ]ɥѕ̀((