January 2014 through December 2014 - Page 31

when trying to finish a manuscript. Irving states, “It took seven weeks to crank out the first draft of Courier, with five subsequent rewrites. In addition, since I ended up at home in 2012, I’ve written Warrior, the sequel to Courier; a screenplay for Courier; The Day of the Dragonking (book one in the Last American Wizard series); five short Kindle ebooks (an autobiography, short stories about warzone reporting, working through depression, an unemployed guy’s guide to unemployment, and an analysis of World War I), and I completed a rewrite of a client’s 110,000 word book about a government takeover by a liberal president.” Starting later in life as an author has not meant that Irving is behind his peers in the writing world. He has made a mark and plans to keep going strong. Currently he is in the middle of writing Taxi Dancer, the first book of the Pearl of the Orient series. Irving says this book is inspired by the memories of a wonderful woman named Olga Owens whose father was a private eye in Manila in the 1930s. He also hopes to write a third book in his Freelancer series. After that, who knows where Irving is headed next? With his ability to crush the pressure of deadlines and stick to a writing schedule, his sales may surpass FW WF'2vF&2FR&WBFFࠥFRw&Fr7&g@'G&77'VFR&v7W&W 6RvF6VB7&VF&RFV7G&Fv6'6Rv7W&W"GW&VBWBb6G&Vp7FƖFvVFR6FFVB'6RW7BGvW'2FRG&W"FƶVBVWFǒFFR'6RFRVF&RFRvRW6rFVB&WWFFFFW"G2&Vf"6p6֖&FW2F&VFrBv6VBB&VV0FVF&6rגG22F2v2G&p'6R'WBrg&WW&V6Rr&BB2F&P667FVB667FV72W7B27'V6w&Fr2B2'6PG&r"&VFrWF"Bw&Fr&fW76"vƖХ76W"62F2VƗG( VG( B62B6F6fW0FR&VFW.( 2( 7V&666W2VVBf"&FW"( 76G&0WfVF26FRfƖrFVWw&Fr667FV@6gW6W2B6W2&VFW'2ऒ&V6VFǒVVBg&VBVFBW"6&RFpV6VBv2FRVVBFRFR&V6W2Vf&g&V7W&VVG2FF&V7F2vR76&旦VBFP&V6W2FBv&VFW'2FF( BfRF7FBfwW&PWBvBFRWF"VBV6FRFWG&VBWBWpF6f7Fw&FW'2vv&R667FV76F6@FV"vW&vVw&FrfW"rW&BbFRN( 2V7F6RG&6bvB2G&7&VBV&ƖW"FP&BFW26&VgV&WfWrBVW&W2VFG2FP7W&RW"w&Fr7F2667FVN( FBW26V6RRfV&VBVVBvFFW67&FbvVFǐfƖr&FRWB&w&W'&6Rv0&vrFRfvrvRFR7V6RWBGv6VFV6W2FW"FRW'&6Rv&vVBBFPWRbFR7F&BB76VBfW&VB6&7FW'06VBVW7F2&WBWfVG2bv6FWBvVFvRBFƶVBFVRvvW&RvW"FR&667FV6W2F&VvWBFR&FRPvFW"bFRWF"WfW"&VB2v&gFW"FRf'7BG&gBखWW&V6VBw&FW'2&V( BFRǒW2wVGfP&VVvFV( ĆRvVF( BfRFRFB( "( F@FW6( BR6V6R( BFREb67&VVvRvF6pfW2ǗvB&fW762F( Bv2vWBB&v@BVFW"F6V6VBWF'2'WBFR&W7BW2VWBƖW2&Fr667FV7vWfW"FW6( BV&Vr&VF7F&RB&&r6VBw&FW'0G&GV6RGv7G2BGW&2'WBVWFV667FVBvFFR6&7FW'>( GW&W2&"WfVG2BfW&FVR`BFWF6BFV"&VFW'2गN( 2&BF6VRF67&W6W2B6G&F7F2W"vv&vWFW"vRfRF'&vR7B֗BFW0'VWF&&B&RVFF""&ƗRFR7&FVP'&vFRvRVVBFFvR6FVWW"w&Fp6V"B667FVBvVvRFVF6FRW'6VfW2FF֖rF6RvBB&FFVvG0F6WFrv'F&VFrvR&V6P&WGFW"w&FW'2BbvRFBW7B&vBvP&V6R&v7W&W'2G&77'V2v&Bvrw&FW"7VW"VF"Bv&6VFW"2vV26fVFW"bFRw&FRƖfRwwrw&FTƖfUv&626Р6WFW&w&FW'23