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TERRY IRVING: A NEW KIND OF THRILLER by Chris Pepple T erry Irving’s first thriller in life didn’t come in the form of a book on Amazon’s list of hot new releases. His first career as a television news producer created enough drama in his life to make writing thrillers seem tame. “The simple fact is that television producing is more fun than anyone should be allowed to have. There were days when I was hiring Lear jets, building control rooms in empty airports, or wandering around war zones,” Irving says, thinking that no one should be allowed to experience that much excitement and get paid for it. Some readers wonder if his writing mirrors any of his work experience. He admits that the hero of Courier comes close to one of his television-related jobs. Irving’s first job out of college was serving as a motorcycle courier carrying news film for ABC News in 1973. “With Watergate in full swing, I stood on the side of the steps at the Baltim ܙHY\[\[]YXH\Y[\Yۙ][YHܚ[[XYH[Hو\ܝ\XY۝[\H\\]H\Z[˜X\[\]H\HٙXK'H\]BZ[[HZYHو\ܞH[[˜\[[K\[^\\\X\X”]\8'^H\'H[\[]\\ۈ\\^HۈH؋\[YH\H[]\[ۈ]X\Y^][Y[ ]ܚ][^\Y[K8'H][Z\][ۋ[Y[[ܙ[^Y[H\\قX[[Y[]X\K\XY\H]YX[Xܙ]XHZ[]و[[Y[[[ۈ[K[[[BYH[ۈX[[H[[H[Y []\[ H[[]\ܛH[][ˈ[8'H\[œ^\ˈ8'H\[YHHYHܚ\ H[&]X]B܈H\]Z[]\˸'B][X[KY \\Y\[H]Y[Y\[ܚ][ˈHܚY܈\[\H[Y^X[[]\[ۋܛK\XY [Y]YY[܈B[Y\X[X[\X][ۋ[ܙX]Y[وB۝[܈[ۛ[HYX][ۘ[]ܚˈHX\Y˜HHY][Y[Y]܈[[ܛH\X\ۈ\[\˜\Xو]XKY\ܚ[܈[TӐ\[Y[‚]\ܚ]\‚ܚ]H][[ܙK8'[HH\Y[[[[][[HH\ܚ[H[]\܈TӐH™]\Hܚ][؈H[[ ^H\\KYH]^B[\ۈH^\ܙ[YH] X]\HقH]\\Z[[%ܚ[[\YXY[\]Y\%Hۘ\و8&ܚ]\&\&H\Y&]^\ HܛH\\܈H TB\ܞHوHܛ HY[۝[܈H[]\[ۂ[[]\YX[Hۈ[H\B[[[[H]H[[Hܝ []Y\Y\˂'Hۙ\ H]\X[HYق^\[\Hܚ]\]\\]H[YH]YYYHZY HY]X\]H^\^H] [H[\[]][[Y[ۙHZY] HY\Z[Hۈو[[\ٙ\܈ZY]BY][]] ]H]Y[[x'B\[X[^\][ܚ]\[[˜H[ۜX]Hܚ]X\H[X\Y][HHY[܋8'x&]HܚY܈^[[ܚ]\%Y[ [\۞HۛH\H]%][HY[H\[\X\ۈ۸&\œX\]\ZH\[[\ܘYHYZ[X\ۂ\H[X[ܚ]\[HZYX]\X[]\˜\X]Y ][KYX]Y [\ܚ]KH\Yœ^H]H\]\Y[ M L ܝH\[و^BܚHZY  \[ۈX]YH]&[H[\\Hܚ\&H[ \[H\]ܛBX]\HHY&][HY[HHو^[] 'B[\[YH]\[\]YH BXYYܚ]HHݙ[ HYXH܈\Y\YY[][[\[&\Z[܈]Z]HYH[YK]\[šY]\Z[H[YH[H\X\YK]\\[XHܚ][Y[HšY\HܚY\Z[ˈH][۝وH[š[\YHٙXH[ܚ[^KHYZ]]B\[^\ܚ][܈]X\ܚ][ۈH˂H[Y\\\X]H[^\\H]\X\\H\وZ[[]]܋\][\\Y\[[]\[ۈXYHܚ[ۂXY[\X\H܈\[H\۸&]Y[\\B