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Book ‘Em North Carolina “Buy aBook Book and Stop a Crook” Writers Conference and Fair Organized by The Book ‘Em Foundation, Robeson County Arts Council, Friends of the Robeson County Library, Lumberton Visitors Bureau, City of Meet Lumberton, Robeson Community College and Communities In Schools Bestselling Authors “Buy a Book and Stop a Crook” = Auditorium 10.13.14 TALKS SCHEDULE SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 2015 ROBESON COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE, LUMBERTON Dozens of Award-Winning Authors Under One Roof Meet Bestselling Authors Terri Reid And Terry Irving Children’s Authors Terri Reid And Terry Irving = Red Room Historical Dozens of Award-Winning Authors Under One Roof Humor Inspirational Hosted By: Mysteries/Suspense Book ‘Em Foundation Non-Fiction Robeson County Arts Council Paranormal City of Lumberton Romance In Schools Communities Science Fiction Friends of the Library And more!Visitors Bureau Lumberton Children’s Authors 10:00 AM W Historical = Green Room Hosted By: Book ‘Em Foundation Robeson County Arts Council City of Lumberton Communities In Schools Friends of the Library Lumberton Visitors Bureau Robeson Community College W = Of Interest to Writers THE FUTURE OF TRADITIONAL PUBLISHING Jason Huddle, Comfort Publishing; Mike Simpson, Second Wind Publishing; William Connor, W&B Publishers THE HISTORY BEHIND THE FICTION Authors Carole Bellacera, Lynda Durrant, Kathleen Graham-Gandy, Ann Robbins Phillips, Bonnie Stanard RobesonProceeds Community College benefit literacy campaigns BEHIND THE ROMANCE Saturday, February 28, 2015, 9:30 am – 5:00 pmLand Authors Courtney Giardina, Regina Jeffers, Dixie Proceeds benefit literacy campaigns Humor Inspirational Mysteries/Suspense Non-Fiction Paranormal Romance Science Fiction And more! FREE ADMISSION * Saturday, February 28, 2015, 9:30 amROBESON – 5:00 pmCOMMUNITY COLLEGE 5160 Fayetteville Road, Lumberton, NC 28358 FREE ADMISSION 11:00 AM W TERRI REID, HEADLINER * www.bookemnc.org ROBESON COMMUNITY Success asCOLLEGE an Indie Bestselling Author 5160 Fayetteville Road, Lumberton, NC 28358 Sponsored by SETTING THE SCENE: BACKDROPS www.bookemnc.org Funding for this project was provided by Authors Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra, Marni Graff, Ginger King, David Pereda Mͅ]љ)%SeL5eMQId IU )= A)UQ!=HHMQ9I 1A0%99 %0 I= M=8 =55U9%Qd =11)ѡ́5)5)Ʌ)Mѕ݅а))(İ1I=d)I%M%9Q͠M٥]ѵɔ)1U5 IQ=8=AQ=5QI% )MM= %QL)A11 9QUId()Mͽɕ)չȁѡ́ɽЁ݅́ɽ٥() IU )= A)]I)=9L %LAI,510 1U5 IQ=85i%9)I= M=9%8 I= M=8I=IU99IL)UQ!=HHMQ9I 1A0%99 %0 I= M=8 =55U9%Qd =11)1=]eL==L I= M=81%Y%9)1U5 IQ=8=AQ=5QI% MM= %QLA11 9QUIdİ1I=dI%M%9)]I)=9L %LAI,510 1U5 IQ=85i%9)I= M=9%8 I= M=8I=IU99IL)ظ̸)1=]eL==L I= M=81%Y%9((ԁ4()]I99=U9 =HM!=IPMQ=Id =9QMP((A4()M =QP5M=8-e9=QMA-H]!ЁQQɡQɅٕ)ѥ!́]Qɽ՝9Ѡ ɽ)55=%H]I%Q%9)ѡ́5 ѼɱȰɕэɥѠ1A̰MɄ]ɕ)MUMA9MU0I%9)ѡ́!ݬ5-䰁=䰁ɬIͽQͽ()ظ̸()\((A4()\()QIId%IY%9!1%9H䰁A䰁AЁQ݅ɐ])QIɽ)ɹʹѼѥ) ==-L]%Q M= %0 =9M %9 )ѡ́ȸAɥ ѕȰMI͍Ȱ5ɥM̰MȰɅMѕ݅)AI=5=Q%=8Q!=Q!HM%=]I%Q%9)ѡ́M酹Ȱ-ɕ55Ʌ䰁]=ᕹ((A4()\()%9%M1AU 1%M!%9)ѡ́5ѡ܁Ʌѽ٥ɥMɱ)̰-х夰51幸Mѕ) IQ%9=Q!H]=I1L)ѡ́ ɥMѕչ!ѽȁ5Ʌ䰁 ɥѥḾٕ̰]ѕ)]!IQ!%L =5I=4)ѡ́5͡5ɭ̰)Ё5 ̰MɅ9ɭ((A4()\()5-%95=9d]I%Q%9)ѡ́Q%٥-ɕ55Ʌ䰁QɤIɬIͽAձMѥ)!%MQ=Id=8Q!=e=UHMP)ѡ́ Ս)٥̰)]ѕͥ()Q! !%1I;eL =I9H(4() =9IM=8́ фI((4() =I ]Q-%9LIḛ$ ((4()-I85QQ!]L1ɐ1((4()\ UIPY%9 9PQ1ՍЁ1((8())9A%PQI!((A4())9]IL) ́!ȁMA((A4()1e99I= IQM=8?eEU%98Mɕ ٔ((A4()Ie8)-U M8QAх́Qɥ((A4()M9I]II8ɱѡѽ()Mѡɸ]ɥѕ̀((0