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Elizabeth Noyes on Imperfect Wings Most of my story ideas begin with people I’ve seen or met while traveling. During a trip to Honduras, I fell in love with the lush, green countryside and dense jungle. The people were friendly, the culture not yet spoiled by the American dollar. It was there I saw a gaggle of children, splashing about in a mud puddle. Dirty and ragged, they laughed and played, oblivious of their poverty. One bossy little thing with caramel-colored skin, a long, thick braid, and huge, dark eyes, spoke to me at length in broken English. In that moment, she became my ‘Gabriela,’ the take-charge orphan in the opening scene of Imperfect Wings. From there, the story wrote itself—an intersecting journey of two flawed individuals who don’t realize they seek to fill a void in their lives. It’s an age-old story of the choices we face, of good versus evil. Vince D’Writer on Do As I Say As a new author in the urban fiction genre I didn’t want my work to be one of many, meaning I didn’t want to use the typical storylines you would read about in the genre. I wanted my topics to be fresh and unique. Domestic violence is a definite problem in both urban culture and society as a whole. During my research I discovered the cases involving domestic violence increase every year! I also noticed something else on the rise, a surprising number of domestic violence cases where men are the victims. This discovery launched my campaign to be different and write about domestic violence with a slight twist in which the roles were reversed. This is how I came up with the idea to write Do As I Say, available at Amazon Kindle. 18 Southern Writers Dixie R. Diamanti on 50 Ways to Meet Your Lover The story of my life has been the story of a long and passionate pursuit of God. He always presented Himself as the King in my story, and it was always to rescue my heart. Because of a long childhood shrouded in pain and abuse, I pursued my King with all my heart from my earliest recollections. Somehow, I knew that He held the answers for my worth as a valuable human being. One day I de cided to start writing about my daily encounters with this captivating King. These writings became blogs, and the blogs became so popular that I decided to put them into a book of inspiration to share with my readers how simple it really is to devote your life in active pursuit of the One who will never leave you nor forsake you. Dina L. Sleiman on Dauntless Years ago an editor suggested that I try writing a YA medieval romance series. I was certainly open to this idea, but I didn’t have any clear direction. It wasn’t until I was in the midst of watching the BBC Robin Hood series with my son that a concept finally sparked to life in my mind. The series featured a number of strong, feisty women. Maid Marian was a thief and defender of the poor in her own right. The Saracen character, Djaq, was also a woman—not to mention plenty of tough female bad guys. One day as I was walking and praying specifically about a YA medieval series, this new Robin Hood came to mind, the ideas started flowing, and before long Dauntless was playing like a movie in my mind. Thus my Valiant Hearts series, featuring strong young medieval women in legendary male roles, was born.