JAMO magazine July Issue 2016 23 ISSUE - Page 7

On why 10 steps isn’t really a thing (but kind of is)…

“Honestly, the 10-step Korean skin care routine is not a real thing. I’m not sure who came up with that marketing-friendly, coined term. I grew up in Korea and from a Korean person’s perspective, it’s a little bit funny. Korean women don’t think, ‘Oh, I have to do my 10 step regimen’. Instead, what they think is that flawless, radiant skin that is very healthy is a sign of true beauty. It goes back historically for centuries, where the noble class never went outside in the sun and had porcelain-like skin—healthy skin. I think it boils down first and foremost to achieving healthy skin from the inside out. It’s not about symptomatically getting rid of acne or fine lines, it’s about how your skin health is really doing—your skin’s inner environment.”


Oil cleansers are an essential step for all skin types. They remove oil-based debris such as makeup, sebum and soot.


Oil Cleanser

Foam Cleanser


This is the second part of the double cleanse, which is necessary to thoroughly clean your skin at the end of the day. Foaming cleansers remove water-based debris such as sweat and dirt.

Exfoliaton (optional)


Not to be used daily, exfoliating renews your skin by scrubbing away dead skin cells.



This softens, moisturizes and preps your skin to better absorb the essences and serums to follow. It also resets your pH balance after using the cleansers.




Sleeping mask

Eye cream

Sheet mask


These typically contain an active ingredient that optimizes your skin's natural cell turnover rate—think skin regeneration.



This is a more concentrated version of an essence, usually thicker in consistency. Different serums can hyper-target skin issues and are meant to be layered.

These are sometimes used in place of an essence.




This is meant to hydrate and protect the skin around your eyes.

Apply this to intensely hydrate and restore firmness as you sleep.