JAMO magazine July Issue 2016 23 ISSUE - Page 58

You are just 16 years old and you are so talented. Do you have any other talents that you haven't talked about?

Aw thank you so much. I actually love cooking and baking. I don't know how talented I am at it but it’s something that I love doing. I’m always making all kinds of things at home. The other day I made homemade crepes. So good.

Your song "Anchor" is here with, along with its official music video, How do you feel about people finally getting to hear it?

I’m so happy to finally share it. I worked really hard on it and really made sure it was perfect. I wanted it to be something people could really connect to but I wanted to make it as different and unique as possible. I wanted the music video to be something people hadn't really seen before.

Let’s talk about some of the other songs on your “Overthinking” EP. "Bye You” really stands out to us. Did you draw on personal experience when writing that song?

I had a lot of fun with Bye You, it's a song about rejecting that trouble maker that makes his/her way around. I think we all have known a player or two before.

Why did you name the song “Anchor?"

I think “Anchor” is a really powerful title. It’s really intriguing and when you listen to the song, it has a big message. I think the name just fits it perfectly


Was it hard for you to shoot underwater for the “Anchor” music video?

YES. The dress I was wearing felt like a million pounds underwater, and it gets so tiring swimming for that long. I was in the pool for about 6 HOURS. So worth it though. The shots were so eye catching and beautiful.