JAMO magazine July Issue 2016 23 ISSUE - Page 18

Estee Lauder 'Double Wear' Stay-in-Place Concealer

One of the worst outcomes of a melty, humid day is having concealer that only covers your zits and under-eye circles for a few hours. Invest in a full-coverage one that's got your back, literally through rain and shine.

Makeup Forever Face and Body Foundation

Sweat-proof, streak-free foundation is a Godsend so once you find the right one, hang on (or by in bulk, whatever). Makeup forever's full beauty line is a great entry point for long-lasting makeup-hence the name- but their satin coverage foundation is especially well-equipped for hot summer.

​Cargo Swimmables

Water Resistant Blush

Silicone and natural amino acids are two of the essential ingredients in Cargo's formula that help the color to grip on skin, shielding it from the elements.