Jammu Redefining Magazine Vol.2 No.-4

www.jammuredefine.in Fortnightly Jammu Redefining Vol. 2 No: 4 The State of Jammu: Origin and Expansion February 23, 2014--March, 8 2014 4 Pages 8 DELIVERING JUSTICE PROVING COSTLIER 6 Price Rs. 3/- Insensitive Jammu Municipal Corporation, Advertisers, Making Mockery of Martyred 8 OMAR SHORING UP HIS OWN IMAGE WILL THE GAMBLE PAY OFF OR COST OMAR DEARLY? J.R NEWS SERVICE A HEAD of the 2014 hectic poll season Chief Minister Omar Abdullah has been sincerely trying to shore up his image in the eyes of the people of Jammu region. To help him make inroads and consolidate position of the party his close aides are also toiling hard. T wenty three projects have been completed and the remaining 33 are at various stages of completion. Besides to supplement the Central funding annually on an average Rs 25 crore are being provided under State Plan for raising of tourist related infrastructure in Jammu province. CMYK Some are regularly organising small public meetings to propagate his message to the people while others are working behind closed doors to gather support of leaders from other parties. Patting his own back at public gatherings Omar has been circulating details of pet developmental projects which were either started during his tenure or were commissioned by him for the welfare of the people of Jammu region. By doing this course correction at the fag end of his term in office Omar is toeing with the idea of reaping political dividends in the election year and rewriting the history. Despite clear cut understanding of complex political landscape Omar and his coterie are bent upon fiddling with the idea of teasing mind space of a traditional voter. Construction of Bikram Chowk Fly Over A total number of 56 projects have been sanctioned for Jammu province under Central funding amounting Rs 235.42 crore. The target is to somehow make inroads and breach the long wall of political divide between the two distinct regions of the state. (Contd. on Page 3)