Jammu Redefining Magazine Vol: 2 No: 1

www.jammuredefine.in Fortnightly Jammu Redefining Vol. 1 No: 3 The Indian Passport: More Than A Document D January 12, 2014--January 26, 2014 4 6 Price Rs. 3/- An Engineering Marvel Nearing Completion 8 J R News Service ESPITE heading a coalition government for last five years Chief Minister Omar Abdullah is growing impatient and is in great hurry to constitute new Administrative units, even at the cost of inviting wrath of the Congress party. Creation of these units was hanging in balance since 2009 but now as the coalition is nearing its completion term the alliance partners have developed fears if they would succumb before each other their core constituency would be adversely hit. Interestingly, little efforts have been made to resolve the issue amicably. On Saturday unhappy Chief Minister Omar Abdullah let loose his anger over the attitude of the Congress party with regard to creation of new Administrative units and went on to claim "Some people are creating hurdles for me in this endeavour (to set up administrative units). I know how to use what resources at which time to fulfill my mission". Without naming his coalition partner-the Congress party Omar also said , "As long as I am on the chair of the Chief Minister, I promise that I will keep fighting for setting up of the units like niabats, blocks, tehsils and subdivisions," . CMYK PLIGHT OF KHIDMAT CENTRES Pages 8 The Chief Minister's attack on Congress came after the latter demanded that the proposal to set up new administrative units at ground level be examined before being set up. The five-member committee headed by Ganai was constituted in 2010 for looking into the demands for creation of new administrative units in the State after the report of another committee headed by former Chief Secretary SS Bloreia was termed as inconclusive by the government in 2009. It submitted its report to the Government in 2011. However when the report came in for discussion in the Cabinet in January 2013, the Revenue Department was asked to work out "more details" before a decision could be taken on it. Sources said the Department was asked to carry out a detailed exercise regarding the infrastructure and manpower required and financial implications involved in order to roll out the recommendations of the Committee. The creation of the new units would be a "great challenge" for the government having little resources in its kitty to meet the financial implications for creating infrastructure and meeting nonplan expenditures. At present the Cabinet Sub Committee (CSC) headed by Deputy Chief Minister Tara Chand is visiting various districts to check the recommendations by S S Bloeria and Ganai Commissions to set up the new units. Omar's attack on the Congress on delaying setting up of new administrative units came even as he had set January 15 deadline for the CSC to submit its report. It remains to be seen whether the cabinet sub committee headed by Deputy Chief Minister Tara Chand would succumb to the pressure tactic or recommend setting up of another panel to douse the flames of fire which are threatening to engulf the alliance govt. In response to the tough posturing adopted by the National Conference a senior Congress leader and Minister in the Cabinet described the Chief Minister's stand as "politically motivated''. (Contd. on Page 3)