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WE THE PEOPLE NEW HOME, NEW OPPORTUNITIES Doug Smith, vice president for the Robert H. Smith Center for the Constitution, speaks about the Center’s exciting move into their new space, Claude Moore Hall. What has been the most exciting update for the Center in the move to Claude Moore Hall? Montpelier worked for more than four years to create a modern, dynamic space that would engage learners and strengthen our digital programs. Now we are hosting podcasts with scholars and using world-class communications tools to tell our story. Above: Participants in the Presidential Precinct’s Young African Leaders Initiative program toured the House during their week-long residential visit in August 2016. Inset: Doug Smith in the podcast booth recording quiz shows for Your Weekly Constitutional. What are some highlights of the new space, and how will those features be used in upcoming programs? The new space includes two studios, a production room, conference facilities, and staff offices that allow us to collaborate on our domestic and international programs. Being embedded with Communications has helped us to launch new digital content and refine how the Center is part of the larger Montpelier mission. What do these changes mean for the Center for the Constitution, and where may seminars and programming go in the future? The Center’s programming must have a digital component to be relevant, reachable, and scalable. Our residential programs will always be the highest pinnacle experience for learners, but now we have the tools to reach people no matter where they are. 24