James Madison's Montpelier We The People Fall 2014 - Page 18

We The People 18 Dolley Friends of Madison LEGACY Montpelier Collections LUNCHEON The ninth annual Dolley Madison Legacy Luncheon held on Dolley’s 246th birthday raised $69,453, surpassing all previous years through sponsorships and support from loyal supporters. Contributions over the last eight years total more than $500,000. William Bushong, Ph.D., Vice President of Research and Director of the David M. Rubenstein National Center for White House History, was the keynote speaker and gave a lecture titled “Forged by Fire: Dolley Madison, the President’s House, and the War of 1812.” Corporate Sponsor Virginia National Bank Museum Patrons Frances Massey Dulaney Renée Grisham Curator Patrons Mary Laub Cowan Anna May Louise B. Potter Cynthia M. Reusché Martha A. Zaritsky Collection Patrons Berenice D. Craigie Darby Gingery Margaret J. Grills Research Patrons