James Madison's Montpelier We The People Fall 2013 - Page 3

We The People WE THE PEOPLE | FALL 2013 | CONTENTS 3 4 6 Celebrating Constitution Day How Madison Secured American Democracy 12 Finding People in the Pieces of History The Montpelier Foundation Board of Directors   Gregory May,* Chairman  Kat Imhoff, President / CEO Sean T. O’Brien, Executive Vice President / COO Arthur H. Bryant, Jr.,* Secretary John J. Sponski,* Treasurer Nancy N. Campbell* Patricia Crowe* Elinor K. Farquhar* Florence Fowlkes* Eugene W. Hickok Dennis A. Kernahan* Stephen T. McLean* Stephanie K. Meeks Leigh B. Middleditch, Jr. Roger H. Mudd Jack N. Rakove Cynthia M. Reusché* Gail Serfaty Ella Strubel G. Edward White Roger Wilkins *Executive Committee Directors Emeritus Arthur J. Collias Walter W. Craigie David E. Gibson Joe Grills, Chairman Emeritus A. E. Dick Howard Ralph Ketcham William H. Lewis, Chairman Emeritus Richard Moe Louise B. Potter  Hunter R. Rawlings III William C. Remington Margaret B. Rhoads Peter G. Rice H. B. Sedwick III Elizabeth B. Waters Ex Officio Mrs. Henry E. I. du Pont Mr. H. E. Irénée du Pont II PHOTOGRAPHY CREDITS Kenton Rowe Photography: Cover, Pages 2, 3 (inset photos), 6, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 18 13 Friendship for the ages 14 Spirit of PHILANTHROPY 18 MONTPELIER ON THE MOVE Maggie Wilson: Pages 2, 3, 19 Chuck Fazio Photography: Page 4 Audibert Photography: Pages 3, 5, 19 Tom Daly: Page 19 John Strader: Back Cover We The People is published by The Montpelier Foundation. © Copyright 2013 by The Montpelier Foundation. All rights reserved.