James Madison's Montpelier We The People Fall 2013 - Page 18

We The People 18 spirit Denise M. Rhone Mr. Dan Ries Grace E. Ritzenberg Mr. Loren M. Rogers Ms. Kristine M. Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Rorke Ms. Amber Rose Mr. Karl C. Rove Mr. Steven Russ Ms. Tara Ruttley Ms. Elizabeth Shafer Shell Oil Company Foundation Matching Gifts Program Mr. Richard H. Sherman Mr. Joe Sites Jr. Mahlon and Jill Smalley Ms. Camille Smith Mr. Bruce W. Speirs Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stevenson Mr. and Mrs. John A. Stillwell Mrs. Elizabeth H. Taylor Ms. Daphne E. Teegarden Mr. Claiborne W. Terry Ms. Leota Terry Carl W. Thompson Mr. Fredrick Thompson Jo and Dan Tunstall Ms. Lynn Van Duyne Virginia Boxwood Company LLC Ms. Courtney L. Vowell Mr. James M. Wahlberg Ms. Rima Weinberg Mr. and Mrs. Philip M. West Professor and Mrs. G. Edward White Roy and Kathryn Whitfield Mr. Michael Wildasin Ms. Viktoria A. Wilkins Ms. Kay Wilkinson in honor of Grant Quertermous Mr. Robert Will Ms. Maureen C. Williams S.R. and Amy M. Williams Mr. and Mrs. James Wirth Peter and Elisabeth Work Mary J. B. Work Fund of the Community Foundation Ms. Virginia K. Worthington Nancy W. Wright Mary W. Wyman Spencer and Lisa Yager Ms. Stephanie Zummo gifts in-kind Special thanks to those who support Montpelier by donating objects, furnishings, or in-kind services. Nancy Alexander George and Sarah Blow Mr. Michael E. Bosworth Carol and George Bryson Gilbert & Ildiko Butler Family Foundation, Inc. Nancy N. and Colin G. Campbell Mrs. Gloria Coolidge in honor of J. Linzee Coolidge Mary Laub Cowan in honor of Louise B. and Alan L. Potter David and Patricia Crowe Crowell & Moring Mr. and Mrs. James R. Faillace Florence Bryan Fowlkes Mr. and Mrs. David E. Gibson Grace Elizabeth Groner Scholarship Foundation Hen and Bacon BBQ Col. Ruth L. Hooper (Ret) Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Dick Howard Ms. Elizabeth Jenkins Joffe Julia and Ralph Ketcham John Kraljevich Americana Mr. and Mrs. William H. Lewis James Madison Museum Kathryn Marlatt The Thomas Jefferson Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Patrick O’Brien Mrs. Chiswell D. L. Perkins Plow & Hearth Mr. and Mrs. J. Ridgely Porter III Mr. and Mrs. Alan L. Potter Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Quinn Mr. and Mrs. Chris Reebals Cynthia M. Reusché Mitch and Marion Sams Mr. and Mrs. Sam B. Shepard John and Mary Lew Sponski Ms. Frances J. Stachour Nancy Stutsman and Pam Russ Mr. Tim Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Mike Turner Ms. Elizabeth Varon Ms. Claudia Walpole - Walpole Conservation Studio MADISON PILLARS The Montpelier Foundation gratefully recognizes those who support our work through bequests, estate planning, or life income gifts. Ms. Calypso Bamford Dr. Barbara L. Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. Craigie Miss Dorothy L. Downing Mrs. Frances M. Dulaney Mr. and Mrs. Joe Grills The Honorable and Mrs. Lawrence R. Johnson Ms. Sarah S. Key Dr. and Mrs. Richard E. Labunski Mr. and Mrs. Rohn Laudenschlager Mr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Lowrie Mr. John F. Macon II Mr. Rodger M. Massey Leigh and Betty Lou Middleditch Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Pamenter Mr. and Mrs. Alan L. Potter Mr. and Mrs. Steven Rhoads Mr. Fred W. Scott, Jr. Ms. Nancy E. Stutsman and Ms. Pamela L. Russ Mr. George F. Tennyson, Jr. Mr. Marvin D. Toombs Mr. J