James Madison's Montpelier We The People Fall 2013 - Page 17

Mr. and Mrs. J. Stewart Bryan III L.S. and J.S. Bryan Fund of The Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia Jana H. Crutchfield Mr. and Mrs. John Wm. Galbraith Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Gladden, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Goland Mr. and Mrs. A. Dandridge Gregg - Grelen Nursey, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Bryan L. Hagen Lawrence and Patricia Johnson Ms. Diane M. Kotras James and Marilyn Lynch Mr. and Mrs. C. Grey McLean Richard and Ronay Menschel Charina Endowment Fund Greg and Evey Oyler The Owl Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Orange County Department of Tourism Mr. and Mrs. George L. Payne, Jr. Mrs. Chiswell D. L. Perkins C.D.L. and M.T.B. Perkins Fund of The Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia Buddy Taub Foundation, Jill and Dennis A. Roach, Directors Mitch and Marion Sams Mr. Douglas R. Sandor and Ms. Julia Cloud Clark C.A.R.E.S. Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Simon Serfaty Mr. Frederick M. Smith - in memory of J. Madison Macon IV Mrs. Joan M. Standish portico circle $1,000 - $2,499 Dr. Carol R. Angle Philip and Arlene Anns Elizabeth and Raymond Arndt Mr. Michael Bakwin Bank of America Foundation Mrs. Jean B. Baum Dr. Melanie Biermann and Mr. Martin Younker Mr. and Mrs. William J. Birkhofer Mr. Michael E. Bosworth Pen and Suzanne Bresee Mr. Bernard T. Bress The Rev. and Mrs. William Hill Brown III Mr. Riccardo Cannavo and Ms. Sabrina Munao Mr. and Mrs. J. Dabney Carr, Jr. Mr. Ben Castricone and Ms. Patti Yamane Mr. and Mrs. Eric Chafin Mr. Geoffrey W. Chapman Mr. and Mrs. John E. Chapoton John and Sarah Chapoton Family Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Mrs. Ellen MacNeille Charles Vice President Richard B. Cheney and Mrs. Lynne V. Cheney - Lynne Cheney Charitable Fund of the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole Carlo and Martha A. Colombini Prof. and Mrs. William F. Connelly Marshall B. Coyne Foundation, Inc. The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations Mrs. Janet J. Dennis Dominion Brian and Candice Dunnigan in honor of Mr. James Dunnigan Mr. and Mrs. John Y. Faulconer Julie Finley The Franklin Federal Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Gayheart, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd D. Gottwald, Jr. in honor of Sean O’Brien Mark and Yvonne Green The Honorable and Mrs. John H. Hager John H. and Margaret C. Hager Fund of The Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Harvey Inns at Montpelier Mr. Edwin A. Jaenke Thomas Jefferson Branch Preservation Virginia Douglas and Judith Jessup Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Johnson Mrs. Robert D. Kilpatrick Klingstone Paths, LLC Gregory L. Knott and Jean A. Morrison Mr. and Mrs. Bruton Langley in memory of Elizabeth Smiley and Frank Stringfellow Quinn, Jr. Ms. Marcia Levinson and Ms. Hanna Campbell Madison Piedmont Questers Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Maquire Mrs. Joan L. Mancuso in memory of Mr. Walter Richard Mancuso Markel Corporation Mr. and Mr. Rodger M. Massey Ms. Susan McConnell Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. McLean McLean Faulconer Inc. Realtors The Honorable Paul Michel and Ms. Brooke England Michel Mr. and Mrs. Leigh B. Middleditch, Jr. National Steeplechase Foundation Ms. Cynthia Neff Mr. and Mrs. Todd Olson Ms. Becky Palkowetz Stanley and Dorothy Pauley Stanley and Dorothy Pauley Charitable Trust Mr. Jordan Potter The Dulcie Potter Fund of Community Foundation of the Rappahannock River Region, Inc. Tony Rizzo Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Roder Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. W. Roughton, Jr. Ms. Laura Rowlands Peter and Ann Marie Schare Mr. and Mrs. Michael Shareck - MPS Mr. and Mrs. Sam B. Shepard Marilyn and Bedford Silvey Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Small Pamela Smith and Eileen Nakahata Carol L. Speirs Matthew Spooner and Elizabeth Hinton The Honorable William F. Stone, Jr. Lt. Col. J. D. Storey, USMC (Ret.) Mr. and Mrs. Alfred B. Strickler, Jr. Dr. Lois M. Sutton John Jay Hopkins Foundation Mr. and Mrs. W. McIlwaine Thompson, Jr. John Trimmer Mr. and Mrs. Mike Turner Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Tuz Virginia Foundation for the Humanities V