Jaguar Manual Manual - Page 7

S  tep 2: With the clutch pedal still pressed to the floor, move the gear lever into 1st gear. S  tep 3: Relax, check your surroundings and, as you slowly let the clutch pedal up while gently increasing the pressure on the accelerator pedal with your right foot you’ll feel the clutch bite and you’ll start rolling. You can now fully release the clutch, give it more gas, and you’re on your way. (Always follow local speed limits or you may run afoul of the local constabulary.) Depending on the speed in which you released the clutch and engaged the throttle, you may experience various results. If you got the vehicle moving, great job! Move on to Step 4. However, if you didn’t nail the launch, here are some troubleshooting points to help you figure out what you could improve during your next try: •  f the vehicle stalls…you let up I on the clutch too quickly without giving the vehicle enough throttle. •  f the vehicle bucks…you released I the clutch too quickly and engaged the throttle too slowly. •  f you smell a burning aroma… I you released the clutch too slowly. This is known as ‘riding’ the clutch, which can reduce clutch li