Jaguar Manual Manual - Page 5

The Shifter is Easier Than It Looks The shifter for a manual transmission is quite different from that of an automatic. (Some automatics don’t even use conventional shifter levers anymore.) You’ll find the gear positions – indicated on top of the shifter knob -- arranged in a kind of expanded “H” pattern. Don’t be Afraid of The Clutch During all those years of driving automatics, your left foot was simply along for the ride. Now it has to work, and in a highly coordinated fashion. And you are the coordinator. In simple terms, vehicles need a coupling between the engine and the transmission that allows smooth gear changes. In a manual transmission, it’s a clutch. This device uses a friction disc that, when disengaged (when you press that third pedal), allows you to shift gears. The clutch pedal has two primary positions, up and down. Up is fully engaged, and pressing down to the floor is fully disengaged. As your left foot lets the pedal up, you’ll feel a friction zone in which the clutch will begin to engage or grab. What it’s doing is connecting the running engine to the transmission, so you’ll feel the car start to move. Ten minutes of practice in an empty parking lot and you’ll be on your way to mastering smooth takeoffs. Here’s a critical point: the gearshift pattern is the same in almost every manual transmission, the main differences being that more gears make the “H” wider, and Reverse is not always in the same location. (In the manual F-TYPE, it’s to the left of 1st. You push down on the shifter to engage it, a safety measure that prevents you from mistakenly selecting 1st gear.) In every manual transmission, Neutral is anywhere in the middle of the “H”. You can feel it; the shifter will move freely from side to side. Here’s another point that may bring you some relief: when shifting, you don’t need to look at the shifter to know where the gears are. The first time you get in the car, without starting the engine, push in the clutch pedal, hold it to the floor, and shift through the gears to get a feel for the gear slots. There is a spring type detent mechanism in the apparatus to help ease the lever into the next highest or lowest gear, like a little personal assistant. R 1 3 5 2 4 6