Jaguar Manual Manual - Page 2

WHAT’S SO SPECIAL ABOUT A MANUAL TRANSMISSION? True sports cars have long been defined by engine performance, handling agility and the ability to connect the driver to the road. For decades, sports car purists considered a manual transmission a must. Providing a purely mechanical, direct and visceral link to the control over the car’s power delivery, a manual transmission creates a unique melding of human and machine. Automatics were seen as detracting from the connections among car, road and driver. M  anual transmissions once also offered tangible benefits in performance and fuel economy over automatics. Recent developments in automatic transmission technology have in some cases flipped that equation, and automatics have become more engaging to drive, as well. They’ve got more gears and paddle shifters on the steering wheel, just like in a Formula 1 racecar. why drive a sports car with a stick shift? Because it’s a lot of fun, especially when the sports car is a 2016 Jaguar F-TYPE. To the driving enthusiast, every well executed shift with a manual transmission brings a sense of accomplishment and reward. The manual transmission stimulates other senses, too. If you think the F-TYPE engine sounds wicked with the automatic cracking off lightningquick shifts, wait until you master your own ultra-quick shifts with the manual. But, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. If you’ve long been an adherent of manual transmissions, please pass this booklet on to a friend who has not. Consider that your good deed for the day.