Jacksonville Jaguars Community Report 2016-2017 - Page 7

Fresh Ministries In partnership with FreshMinistries, the Shad Khan and Harry Frisch Scholarship and Internship Program, provides life-changing internships for high school and college students. FreshMinistries’ youth program is a year-long program, providing high school students training and cultural outings to promote financial literacy, job readiness, academic success, health and wellness, family involvement, and leadership and character development. Students meet two Saturdays a month during the school year, and the program culminates with a summer internship experience for qualifying students. These internships are often the first jobs these youth have ever had. The pride on their faces shows when they receive their first paychecks. More than 40 internships are offered through the Shad Khan and Harry Frisch Program. Junior Achievement One project that Shad and Harry both support is Junior Achievement. Junior achievement is a program that embodies everything it means to be an American. It allows children to dream big and develop the skills necessary to experience the realities and opportunities of work and entrepreneurship in the 21st century. Junior Achievement impacts over 52,000 students each school year in helping them to work towards economic success. Junior Achievement ® “This is a critical time in the lives of these young people,” said The Rev. Dr. Robert V. Lee III, founder and CEO of FreshMinistries. “Without the funds that Mr. Khan and Mr. Frisch are providing, these students would likely be idle all summer. Having positive opportunities for employment during the summer is making a crucial difference for them, their families and their community.” Also, through the Shad Khan and Harry Frisch Scholarship and Internship Program, a number of college students have been supported at internships to help them develop the skills they have learned in school in the workplace; including the IT Department at Baptist Health, the Athletic Department at Jacksonville University and the Parks and Recreat