Jacksonville Jaguars Community Report 2016-2017 - Page 5

Their value for education and strong character led them to unite and form the Shad Khan and Harry Frisch Scholarship and Internship Program. Through this program, students are supported annually in their studies at FSCJ (Florida State College at Jacksonville), UNF (University of North Florida) and other universities or vocational training institutions. HARRY FRISCH In partnership with Fresh Ministries, summer job internships for more than 40 high school students are provided. Often, it is the first job for these youth. Also, through this program college students have been supported at internships at Baptist Health, Jacksonville University and the City of Daytona Beach. Neither Harry nor Shad have ever taken the opportunities they have been afforded in the United States for granted. They worked hard to achieve the American dream and have inspired many youth to seize their goals. Harry and Shad continue to use their unique entrepreneurial minds and international perspectives to make Jacksonville into the vibrant city we all love and cherish. Through this partnership they are helping today’s students who will be the future leaders of our community. Harry Frisch was born in 1923 in Vienna, Austria. His family being of Jewish descent were affected by the Holocaust when Hitler took reign in 1938. His family fled from Czechos ݘZXH[\[HY\[›][\H[Z[HY[X\ˈ\HY[]B\ۈ\X[YۛH[XYK\šH\YZ[[H]YKHY[X\[X]]][ؚ[HYX[X[][X[HZ[\[Y[ۙ^H\\H\ۈ\YH]\\˂\H][X[HZYܘ]YHT[ NML]\YH[ۜ][]H]\\[Y\ MBYX\ˈH[\\[Y ݙ\\[\&\\X\]Y\\\Y\Y [Z[]\]]\^KX]\Y]\\Y\˂X]\Y]\\Y\\ܛۈHHܛ \[ۙY[\][ۘ[XY\Y\[\ܝ[œXHݙ\ L[Y\[ٙ\[ݙ\K Xˈ\HZ[H\[H[H[B[[ۋY\\[\[]\Z[[H\œۈ[ ܘ[ۜ]H][\\\[ۜ܂H\[KۙH[\H\۸&]YZYو\ܚˈ[H؈]\]\ٙ\Y[KH]\ZXY ]ۙB[\H\ܚ[\؜]ۘK[YHXYYHY\]H[\X\Y\YX\\H\˜[^\ܘ]Y[ܚ]\[]^K^H\H\\H\XX]]Hو\YH[HYHH\Z[܈\[Z[K