Jacksonville Jaguars Community Report 2016-2017 - Page 4

SHAD KHAN AND HARRY FRISCH Harry Frisch and Shad Khan share a common bond that comes from their incredible stories of coming to the United States as immigrants with very little and now being two of the most influential leaders in Jacksonville. Their common values of a commitment to family, democracy, free-enterprise and hard-work are what brought them to where they are today. They have also both supported people in-need through their charitable endeavors, with a particular emphasis on education and vocational training. Harry Frisch had very little formal education and as such, he places a special value on affording others the education and training they need for success in their professional lives. Harry often says “real life” practical education is so important, and he has spent an enormous part of his life mentoring professionals to apply the knowledge they learned in school within the work environment. He has also mentored countless political leaders, encouraging them to apply their political skills in service to their community. Shad Khan’s father and mother sacrificed for their son to receive the best education he could obtain in Pakistan. Realizing that he could not receive the higher education he needed in Pakistan, he was able to receive a scholarship to study at the University of Illinois. That opportunity has inspired Shad to provide support and scholarships to other worthy students over the years. Beyond the importance of education, the importance of character is paramount for both Harry and Shad. Particularly for youth, they both emphasize the moral values of absolute respect for others, self-discipline, hard-work, determination, and stress the need to avoid peer pressure that leads to making poor choices.