Jacksonville Jaguars Community Report 2016-2017 - Page 25

Although I had to grow up faster than most children, there were still times I would revert to being “a child” and not want to do typical things like go to practice or class, but my mother was one to never let me slip up. She pushed me and made sure my coaches pushed me to excel in all areas, whether it was academics, sports or as an individual. My mother’s resilience led me to play for UCLA and then get drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2006 as their lead tight end. As team captain for three years in a row, I found leading by example was the type of leader I wanted to be for my teammates, showing my commitment to them and to the game. MARCEDES LEWIS IN THE COMMUNITY Today my mother runs my foundation, the Marcedes Lewis Foundation, to give back to inner city kids in my hometown, Long Beach, California. She also works with women who are victims of domestic violence. Each year she comes down and helps out at the Hubbard House here in Jacksonville, supporting women and children facing similar challenges and assists in the healing process. My mother continues to tell her story, give women confidence and show them their worth. My mother will always be my inspiration and the number one woman in my life Marcedes founded The Marcedes Lewis Foundation, which focuses on educating children in the benefits of exercise and healthy living and supports the community by providing scholarships that enable participation in their favorite sports. The Marcedes Lewis Foundation fosters academic, social and emotional growth in students by stressing the importance of good grades, promoting cooperative learning and emphasizing sports as a means of building self-confidence. AWARDS John Mackey Award (2005) Consensus All-American (2005) First-team All-Pac-10 (2005) Pro Bowl (2010) Pro Football Focus All-Pro  (2010)