Jacksonville Jaguars Community Report 2016-2017 - Page 21

City Of Jacksonville One of the first philanthropic initiatives of the Khan family in Jacksonville was a million dollar commitment to the City of Jacksonville to create the Jacksonville Veterans Resource and Reintegration Center at City Hall. In its first three years of operation, the Center has supported hundreds of men, women and their families as they transition back to civilian life. As part of our partnership with the City of Jacksonville, the Jaguars Foundation provides grants to local non-profit organizations to help the center’s clients receive the additional support they need. To-date, more than $100,000 has been provided to various organizations, including: Hospice Pin Community Hospice Of Northeast Florida Inc - Flags and Pins for veterans at end of life Gratitude America Inc. Northeast Florida Military Resource Guide: An electronic portal to directly connect veterans and their families to comprehensive community and government wrap-around services and benefits. Dignity U Wear Foundation, Inc. - Suit for Soldiers Clothing Veterans for a Civilian Career I. M. Sulzbacher Center for the Homeless - Sulzbacher Veterans’ Dormitory Furnishings Five S T A R Veterans Center Inc - Passport to I \[[H H]\[[[[’[]X]]BX۝[H[]\]H][ۘ[Z[[܈]\[Έ]X][ۈ\\‚]X\]Y\\X]HقH[\Hو ]Y\[H HܚٛܘH][Y[\X\܈]\[‚ܚYH][ۘ[X\[][ۈ H[Y\[H\\[B[\][ۈ H[[œݚYY܈Y[]\[œ\\][[\][ۈ][T܈\[ܜ H\X]BZ[[\ܝ[]X]]BܝX\ܚYHY[•]\[\X][ۈ[ۛܚ[[Y[]\[‚\][ۈ][YܛK[˂Hٙ\[ۘ[][Y[\\”]\Y[ۈ[X[\X\‹H\\H܈\\‚Y\\\\][][]HXHوܝX\ܚYKXX]\[XZ]\H[[[[B܈Z\\XH[XX[]Y[]\[XZ]\˜HY[]YHZ\܋\X\Y[ NMK[][]HXHوܝX\ܚYH\H\[ۛB[H\Yۜٚ][X]]H[XH\BݚY\\H\Y[قH\\ Y]]\ܞKHܙ[^][ۂ\\YX\H L Y[[[[[ٙ\H\Y]Hو\ܝ[\X\[\ݙHH]X[]HوYH[\[][]KۙH\]\[YY\BYH[[X[]H^K›X\[ܙK\][][]RXKK