Jacksonville Jaguars Community Report 2016-2017 - Page 12

As many times as my brothers tried to get out, they always found themselves sucked right back and it all came to a halt one day when one brother was shot and the other was thrown into prison. This was the most confusing but at the same time the most clarifying moment in my life. Although I had lost two of my best friends, it also brought light into my life knowing I needed to work hard to get myself out and to make something of myself. I began spending more time at school and in after school sports programs to keep me occupied and away from the trouble at home. My coaches, who knew my story and my potential, began investing in me and spent time helping me to craft my skill. Football became everything to me. It was my joy, my inspiration, and where I felt the most at home. Home was different for me growing up. Both my mother and father were deaf, and for a reason I still do not know today, my mom was targeted as an unfit mother to take care of her five children. My siblings and I were separated into different foster care homes and did not get to see each other all that often.