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Congrats ,MAUREEN!! A JOURNEY TO THE SENIOR OLYMPICS Written by: Nichole Wiley, Director of Marketing, Communications & PR Meet Maureen. Third place finisher in the Tucson Parks and Recreation Senior Olympics Powerlifting Event and enthusiastic Tucson J member! Maureen recalls a Saturday in July when she met with personal trainer, Patty Babel, for training specific to balance. Slowly but surely, the magic happened. Through patient coaching and hard work, Maureen transformed into a fit and healthy woman! It wasn’t always in Maureen’s plans to compete in the Senior Olympics. It actually began as a joke. Maureen Metcalfe joined The J in April of 2017 after a friend brought her in as a guest. She says was impressed by the whole facility and joined a few days later. “I was approached by my wife’s coworkers on my 70th birthday with congratulations on signing up for the competition—so, I did!” “Over time, I have grown to love the community spirit of The J, from the rotating art exhibits to the collections of senior prom gowns, holiday gifts and food for the less fortunate among us,” says Maureen. After joining, she and her wife agreed, Maureen needed a more focused approach in the gym. After several hospitalizations for a neurological condition, Maureen was a bit defeated. “I had pretty much accepted a role as ‘couch potato,’ in part because of balance issues I was experiencing.” Maureen set a goal and put in a lot of hard work and dedication with her trainer, Patty. With persistence at The J and support from her wife and friends, she earned a tie for third place at the Tucson Parks and Recreation Senior Olympics Powerlifting Event on January 25, 2019. Maureen was proud to represent The J community with her rainbow t-shirt! “I have gained so much since I joined The J. My body is stronger, my spirit is brighter, and my community is larger. The only thing I have lost is 30 pounds—if found, do NOT return!” 5