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The J is place of communal celebration in times of joy and comfort in times of sorrow. Sarver Charitable Foundation and Betty Anne Sarver Family, and broad community support, we have been able to renovate The J is also a caring community. We take the entire tennis center and create a great pride in providing over $800,000 in space for gathering. New programs will scholarship funds annually. This would of course benefit J members, but we have not be possible without the generosity of also intentionally designed programs to donors and supporters of The Tucson J. We help teach tennis to underserved youth believe providing opportunities for families in our community. The Tucson J is truly a to be able to participate in Early Childhood community asset. Education, J Care and Camp J helps ease the burden on families that may be struggling at No one department or agency can do this this time. alone, to achieve real success we need to work together within the J, in partnership The J looks to provide intentional with the other Jewish agencies and in the programming that benefits not only our broader community. membership but also the entire community. The Tucson J is truly a place for ALL. • Our Sculpture Garden, which in many ways Generations have inherited the history of is the center of our town square, not only The J and reshaped it in their own image. enhances the beauty of The J, our desire is for As generations come together, we need to the garden to be part of the public art scene, ensure the generation of today does not a part of conversation and an inspiration for lose touch with the generation of the past. our members and all of Tucson. Our community is at its best when we are working together. • This year and for years ahead, we will continue to grow our programming for When Jewish life transcends differences people with disabilities. Diversity & inclusion anything is possible. At The J, we believe are at the cornerstone of the Tucson J. anything is possible. • The Sarver Tennis Center is experiencing a rebirth. With thanks to a generous leadership gift from the Penny and Robert 4 J LIFE Todd Rockoff President and CEO