IWU Nursing Spring 2014: Volume 7 Issue 1 - Page 11

UPCOMING TRIPS Haiti—March 2014 Jamaica—March 2014 Appalachia—March and May 2014 China—May 2014 Kenya—May 2014 New Zealand—May 2014 India—May 2014 3 God is alive and well in the IWU nursing students and faculty who went to Zambia. Each Sunday evening, students and faculty shared a time of testimony, worship, and prayer. By the end of our semester abroad, the love and joy between all defied description. God truly brought us together in ways that we were not anticipating. It was holy. In the fall of 2014, another group of sixteen Division of Pre-licensure students will travel to Zambia with faculty for a semester abroad. It is not too early for God’s people to begin praying for their physical, emotional, and spiritual growth and well-being—and not just for the Zambia team, but also for the many future trips already slated or yet to be explored. + Overheard on Facebook Join the conversation at facebook.com/IWUSofN. Lauren Wolfe I am so thankful that I attend IWU and that I am a part of the Nursing program. The nursing instructors/professors go out of their way to make sure their students are the best nurses around. A shout-out and thanks to our amazing professors! IWU School of Nursing students have the opportunity for transcultural nursing experiences through trips taken twice a year. Teams travel both internationally, to countries such as Ecuador and Grenada, and domestically, to areas such as the Tohono-O’odham Nation in Arizona. Above, top: The Zambia team poses in front of Zimba’s Wesleyan mission hospital. Center: IWU nursing student Jenna Kuipers visits with and examines children at a maternal/child clinic, where students spent the majority of their community health clinical hours. Photos by Chrissy Loccasio. Bottom: IWU student Lauren Vermilion, BSN (second from left) is pictured with friends from the Macha SON, Agatha, Chilala, and Audrey. Photo by Jenna Kuipers. facebook.com/IWUSofN 11