IWU Nursing Spring 2014: Volume 7 Issue 1 - Page 10

empowering nurses | changing the world SON Around the World written by Pam Leslie, MSN, RN According to the Indiana Wesleyan University catalog, the course Transcultural Nursing challenges students to examine their own Christian values and ethics in the light of the socio-cultural variables that shape people, including the differences imposed by language, time, space, and more. Students learn how to provide evidence-based nursing care in a variety of cultural settings and groups. Most IWU students find great excitement and joy in completing the didactic Transcultural course, which prepares them for a 42-hour practicum in a culture outside the United States or a subculture within the United States. In recent semesters, students have provided culturally competent care all over the world. Most recently, in the fall of 2013, sixteen students completed a semester abroad in Zambia, Africa. In addition to the required Transcultural Nursing practicum, students also completed Community Health Nursing and Leadership and Management in Nursing. Several students took Professional Transitions and/or African History. The experiential learning for each of these courses passed all expectations. Upon their return to campus after Thanksgiving, most expressed deep joy because of their spiritual growth while in Zambia. Their academic learning and final grades were exceptional, but they were most awed by their connections to people in Zambia because of the love of Christ. As a participant in this trip, let me say that all of us agree God is alive and well in Zambia. 1 God is alive and well in the healthcare system of Zambia. We visited three different hospitals to provide nursing care to patients and families. In the Zimba Wesleyan Mission Hospital, nursing students impacted health and healing for children burned from a cooking fire, young adults with HIV/AIDS in the crisis moments of their earthly lives, and women giving birth in the maternity center. In Choma General Hospital, students worked [