It's Your Life Summer 2016 - Page 9

SUMMER Truely Free Bakery & Deli Review Joyce Wheeler Once a month we visit Baton Rouge and at times seek something to eat. We have used our GPS and smart phones to attempt to find an organic restaurant, but for some reason always failed. Then one day I decided to do a search on the computer before heading to Baton Rouge and finally found a few restaurants. We decided to check out the Truely Free Bakery & Deli. The one attraction for us was that they serve both vegan and non-vegan dishes. If you have ever noticed most restaurants that serve organic dishes are vegan, so this was a delight for two meat lovers. I checked out their website real good before making the decision to check them out and found their story very interesting. The owners are a couple and when the wife became sick gluten and diary were eliminated from her diet. Thus the name Truely Free, everything on the menu is gluten free including their baked goods. Unique Aspects There are some very unique aspects like their meat choices. Most restaurants include the usual pork, beef, and chicken, but they offer bison and venison also, but no pork. They also offer different wrap options as well like rice paper, collard greens, seaweed, or spinach tortilla. So, once you select the type of wrap you want you just decide what you want it wrapped in. You can also create your own wrap. Their burgers are the same way, but it is the meat you choose including vegan options. I must add that there is an additional charge added to the cost depending on the meat or 9 non-meat chosen. More about the Menu Their breakfast menu includes breakfast tacos or bowels, grits, oatmeal, and the TFB breakfast parfait. The deli menu includes panini’s, appetizers, pizza with a create your own option, specialties which includes some seafood and steak dishes, sides, salads, soups, bowls, and combos. In the bakery section you will find cakes, breads, cupcakes, cookies, muffins, brownies, doughnuts, and petit fours. Let’s Order I chose the Reuben wrap on the spinach tortilla and my husband had the BBQ wrap with rice paper which included chicken, onion, spinach, red and green peppers with BBQ sauce. All the wraps and burgers come with your choice of one side. I choose the cucumber salad while my husband opted for the chips and salsa. Need a Drink It was refreshing to see a nice selection of drinks to chose from made from natural ingredients including kombucha. I gave up pop over two years ago, but like it as a treat every now and then so the hubby and I split a Dr. Zevia Cola. To the Bakery I had scanned the baked goods and spotted a brownie amongst all the yummy sweets they had to offer. Now brownies are one of my favs, so when hubby asked if I wanted to split it I quickly declined. I wanted one all for myself and was glad I did it was so good. While we were there we saw many wonderful cakes being brought out which were special orders. So, if you need a cake for a special event give Truely Free a call. Nationwide Shipping This is the best part, you don’t have to live in Baton Rouge or even visit to get some of this great food. They ship nationwide and that includes everything on their menu. Overall Experience The restaurant has a nice atmosphere reminds me of a malt shop somehow. Friendly staff, good service, I like the fact that the owner actually works there. Everything was clean and tables were cleaned right after someone was done. The 2015