It's Your Life Summer 2016 - Page 31

SUMMER Meat, Seafood, & Diary    Clam   Chicken Egg   Crab   Duck Egg   Rabbit   Seaweed Condiments & Beverages          Chrysanthemum tea Green tea Peppermint tea Sesame oil 31 Spices Cardamom Cilantro Coriander Dill Fennel There are also neutral foods which are not cooling or warming. Eggs Coconut White cabbage Green beans Potatoes Peas Grapes Hard cheese Broad beans Corn on the cob Brown rice How to easily tell if a food is cooling, it grows in the ground with little sunshine is soft, wet, and cool. While the teas listed are the most cooling all teas having a cooling effect on the body warm or cold. This would explain why tea is great when we are sick. If you look at this list all of these foods digest quickly. When we eat foods that take longer to digest our bodies uses more energy. The more energy created in the body the more heat is generated. Foods that contain fat, carbohydrates, and proteins all take more energy to digest than the foods listed above. So, while we might think ice cream is a cool and refreshing treat the cooling effect only lasts for a small period of time due to the fat content. We have so much to learn about our bodies and every time I think I have learned more I find that there is twice as much that I haven’t learned. So, stay cool this summer and try to eat foods that will aid in cooling the body. 2015