It's Your Life Summer 2016 - Page 24

24 It’s Your Life Magazine Jacque, for example has enjoyed a lot of energy work and I find him extremely receptive to it. He is a very intuitive horse with a very active chakra system. He is wonderful to work on. He would be a perfect candidate for being trained to be attuned to “give” Reiki (Mary Decker owner, with Jacque photo) SHAIKH and Friend: Shaikh is a 37-year-old Arabian stallion that is showing signs of aging, favoring a back leg and losing enough weight that his owner was getting concerned. When I arrived to work on him, I found his best friend and roommate is a donkey. Shaikh was a challenge for me due to his tremendous nervous energy that caused him to circle his stall and then come back to me the entire time I was sharing Reiki with him. I was told he does this with anyone sharing Reiki with him, including his owner. As Kathleen Prasad says”Allow the horse to move freely in the treatment space,” and we did. I knew to let go of my expectations and that the Reiki would work for his highest good. He did offer me several kisses which told me that although he appears to be very agitated at times in his movements, he too was happy I was working with him. He is also very bonded to his owner who was in the barn sweeping and cleaning up during our session. (Note to self: ask owner to sit quietly during our session to encourage horse to relax as well.) I was warned that both Shaikh and his donkey roommate are extremely verbal animals and yet during the session both quited down cons