It's Your Life Summer 2016 - Page 23

SUMMER My Path to Equine Reiki Donna Algaierlamberti I began my study of Reiki between 2009 and 2013. During those years I received my level 1, 2 and level 3 certification. I am now a Master Level Reiki practitioner. During this same period I was completing my paid employment years and heading towards a formal retirement. Initially I practiced my Reiki on my family, friends, and our large working dog’s., I live in the largest agricultural county in Michigan so it is no surprise that I found myself ultimately “called” to share Reiki with large animals. I had ridden horses in high school, with few friends throughout the years and I had been present when foals were born. But living and working in the city in the business world as an adult I have never owned my own horse. Also when I was in my twenties and my sons were small we were members of the Christian Scientist’s Church, a sect that believe in the healing power of prayer and the laying on of hands and I experienced healing through prayer first-hand. Through my adulthood I choose more holistic forms of medicine; acupuncture, massage, healing touch and a Rife machine. My trust in alternative methods of healing was set early on. At age 50 I moved back to the country to create a pre-retirement art gallery business with plans to retire there and to have my own animals at last. I continued to use acupuncture for myself, my family and my Labrador retrievers. I had thought I would focus on equines only, but apparently the Spirit had ideas of its own as calls for horses, donkeys and cows began coming in. Many times I found myself sharing Reiki with the 23 animal and their owners together, each benefiting in their own way. What fascinates me the most in this work and what I try to tap into in my efforts, is the horse language of eques their body and mind energy levels. Many times I run my hand down the backs of these majestic animals where their chakras are located and they are pulsating with energy. In my Reiki work I try to incorporate the horse’s body language, my energy work as well as animal communication with other healing modalities like essential oils, pendulums and crystals. All are tools that can show me how to connect more deeply with the horse I am working with in ways I never even imagined. What is Reiki? Reiki translates as universal life energy and is an amazing energy healing method that originated in Japan. It is offered as an alternative treatment in private practice as well as hospitals. While it has mainly been used for healing people, in more recent years, those who have learned Reiki have realized how beneficial this healing system could be to their own pets and other animals. My “Clients” Jacque: One of my earliest “clients” was Jacque, a oneeyed rescue horse with a sore tendon. Jacque, an older well-trained athlete, was feeling the effects of the extremely cold winter and was suffering. This horse has an extremely active chakra system and I felt his energy field pulsing as soon as I touched his back. As I began to work Jacque kept putting his nose to his flank telling me that this is the area I need you to work on. He had enjoyed Reiki and accunpcture previously, knew exactly what he needed and would not take no for an answer! As soon as I began working on this area he quieted down and began to take the healing energy in. After some 40 minutes of work all over his majestic body his repeated yawning told me he was releasing and then closing his eyes and falling asleep told me he was content and our process was complete. His owner sat on the stall floor next to us while I worked and she enjoyed the flowing energy as well! 2015