It's Your Life Summer 2016 - Page 15

SUMMER 15 During this process we learned that the small restaurants are transparent with their ingredients. Those are the ones which we have chosen to list on the “Places to Eat” Organic Places to Eat While Traveling Joyce Wheeler page on the web site for the magazine. It is fair to tell you that you should ask the server which dishes are organic because we found that many of them are not 100% organic, but are willing to disclose which foods are not. Even with this being said it is better than having no organic option at Are you going to be traveling this summer? all. Do you desire to eat only organic, vegan, There are alot of restaurants yet to be con- or do you love juice bars? It’s Your Life tacted you could help us know which are magazine has compiled a list of organic, worth calling by supplying the name and vegan, and juice bars from around the location. With all this said happy, healthy, country. We have personally called each natural living travels. one to verify that they do indeed carry organic food. One thing we came across Organic Places to Eat in the United States was that alot of the restaurants listed on the web and Happy Cow are not organic. Where are you traveling to this summer? Personally I want to be able to go into a Let us know and we will get busy finding restaurant and know for sure that the food organic restaurants for the area. is organic. 2015