It's Your Life Summer 2016 - Page 13

SUMMER increased joint movement relief from joint pain better sleep a better sense of well-being increased vitality enhanced relaxation healthier feet helps with weight loss The Ionic Detox Footbath is a great way to ease your way into healthy detoxification. In fact, it is absolutely vital for one to lose weight. You have to detox first as fat cells harbor toxins. Next, you will want to eliminate processed foods and consume only real, whole-foods that not only nourish but detox the body further. Exercise daily. Even walking 30 minutes a day can help. Manage stress levels. Deep breathing with essential oils, meditation, yoga, raindrop technique, massage 13 therapy. Utilize pure-grade supplements to enhance detoxification and support quality nutrition intake. We’ve been doing footbaths ourselves and for our clients for over 13 years at the Breath of Life Holistic Wellness Center in Newburgh, NY. We’ve got tons of testimonies to share. We believe everybody should have access to this relaxing, rejuvenating health maintenance system so we’ve decided to make them even more affordable and now ship them all over the country to healthconscious folks like yourself. Call us at 1-800311-7837 and mention this article and receive the special price and get free shipping as well as free maintenance. Click here for more information. Ionic Detox Foot Spa Kit Includes control unit and array, two tubs, and some liners to get you started. The Breath of Life Foot Spa is our entry-level standard setting Detox system, perfect for the home user. Regulating the session is done thru the use of more or less sea salt in the water to achieve the correct session settings. Regular price: $675.00 Our price: $450 — Save $225.00 2015