It's Your Life December/January 2015 - 2016 - Page 9

December/January 9 It’s Okay To Love Chocolate Marla Gates “Let’s Celebrate National Everything Covered with Chocolate Day and Learn Why it’s Okay To Love Chocolate!” Chocolate that delicious dark tantalizing taste and smell that makes your taste buds jump for joy! It’s what you crave and helps melt away the anxiety and soothe all your troubles of the day. Chocolate is a favorite snack and food for many of us and can be a part of a healthy diet. December 16th is National everything covered with chocolate day. It is also that wonderful time of the year when we all seem to be indulging in treats and special foods and chocolate is definitely a favorite for most people. I think it could be very beneficial to learn some important health information regarding chocolate so you don’t have to feel guilty about covering your favorite healthy food with dark delicious chocolate. Chocolate is one of the most sought out foods in modern science and may well be the world’s most craved food. M