It's Your Life December/January 2015 - 2016 - Page 44

44 It’s Your Life Magazine Unique VibesUP Fun Stuff Jewelry/Chakra Balancing Natures Blend of Plant Oils and Therapeutic Tiny Gem Spheres in a Liquid Crystal Coating brings these Natural tools up to a level we can actually feel working almost instantly. It feels like a miracle, a miracle of nature. When we understand Vibrations Miracles become a daily way of life! $19.99 each Sleep Aids & Meditation Tools Both soft gentle light and specific vibrations into the room of your choice. Be creative, love in bedroom, abundance in the office, joy in the kids room, health in the dining room. Or put them in the correlating feng shui placement! FUN! Your adding both your intention and the vibrations! Chose from love, health, abundance, or joy. $12.99 each Issue 5 Most of our food and drinks are pretty beat up and vibrate low, lowering our healthy energy level when we consume them.Kinesiolgy and Professional Energy testing equipment show these powerfully raise the good, healthy energy value of food or beverages in 10 seconds. Also can be used as an energy treatment tool for transforming and releasing negative blocked energies, emotional and physical. You can do hours worth of energy work in less than 5 min. $29.99 each Wood Products INFUSED! In addition to the natural vibration of the wood, we have infused each piece with the VibesUP formula that constantly generates and emits the vibes of gemstones, essential plant oils, flower essences and liquid crystal, making each piece nature’s balancing therapy for you and your home. In our modern world of Synthetics brining nature into our homes is more important than ever. Think if each artistic piece as a little nature oasis in your home. $49.99 S U B S C R I B E