It's Your Life December/January 2015 - 2016 - Page 37

December/January Once your seeds have been thoroughly rinsed and drained, set the jar upside down at an angle in a bowl or on a rack to drain completely. If you want to grow short, sweet Mung Beans - with 1/8 - 1/2 inch roots: Rinse and drain every 8-12 hours  for 2 - 3 days. If you want to grow big, thick Mung Bean - with 1 - 37 the final rinse.  Remove any leftover hulls.  Transfer your sprouts to a plastic bag or sealed container and put them in the refrigerator. The benefits of Mung Bean Sprouts “A low calorie density, or energy density, with only 31 calories per 104 g serving. Low energy-dense foods can help you lose weight or prevent weight gain because they are relatively low in calories compared to their serving size, so you can fill up on them without eating too many calories, according to MayoClinic. com. Low energy-dense foods tend to be low in fat and high in dietary fiber, and mung bean sprouts have almost no fat and nearly 2 g dietary fiber per serving. Each cup, or 104 g serving, of sprouted raw 3 inch roots: Rinse and Drain every 8-12 hours  for 4 - 6 days. Just to be clear: Soak for 8-10 hours. Rinse and drain.  Leave the jar in a cool place with no direct sunlight for the next 8-10 hours (dry/without water).  Repeat this process for 2-5 days. It is VERY important that you rinse and drain thoroughly. The great thing about Mary’s Organic Sprouting Jar Kit is that it’s selfcontained.  I can soak, drain, rinse and let them sit all in one container. Your sprouts are done 8-10 hours after the final rinse.   Be sure to drain your sprouts as thoroughly as possible after 2015