It's Your Life December/January 2015 - 2016 - Page 31

December/January Place the poultice on the patient’s chest or soles of the feet.  The sole of the foot quickly absorbs herbal treatments, in fact, some people rub ointments like Vick’s on the feet when they are sick.  You can also place the poultice on sore joints and behind the ear for an ear infection.  Check your patient every 15-30 minutes to make sure that there’s not any skin irritation. More cold and flu remedies are available from Natural Cold and Flu Remedies, here! Website and Book Info: 31 Link to article on blog: Benefits of Onions and Onion Poultices for Colds and Flu benefits-of-onions-and-onion-poultices-for-coldsand-flu/ Link to book: My other books: Link to blog: Shanna writes articles on natural living:  everything from herbs, nutrition, healthy eating, traditional foods and diets and naturalist studies to homesteading, livestock, animals, and traditional cultures from around the world.  She has spent her life raising and homeschooling her children and studying herbs, nutrition and natural living skills through courses and self-study for over 20 years.  She’s applied what she learned with her family, friends, pets and livestock. She raised her children as much as possible in a natural lifestyle, taught them many life skills through their homesteading and homeschooling years.  They raised dairy goats, Angora goats for spinning wool, chickens, ducks, cattle and rabbits. Midlife changes, a drought, and an empty nest put her homesteading days on pause, so she is now devoting her time to writing so that she can share what she’s learned about nutrition, herbs and homesteading to help others make healthy natural lifestyle choices.   Links to social media: Facebook TheNaturalLivingSite Twitter Google + ingSite 2015