It's Your Life December/January 2015 - 2016 - Page 18

18 It’s Your Life Magazine Here is a list of the first 8 chapters. 1. Botanical Sexism, and our curent allergy crisis 2. How to Fight Allergies close to home 3. Understanding Plant Sex and its importance in allergies 4. Allergy – Blocking Hedges 5. Eliminating allergy-caing mold spores 6. Fighting Allergies in your neighborhood and city 7. Understanding OPALS (Ogren Plant Allergy Scale) 8. Using the A to Z Plant Listings After chapter 8 there is an extensive, I mean extensive list of various species of plants, shrubs, and trees. At first I was a little unhappy because they are listed in alphabetical order according to species rather than say comfrey. At the same time I understand that this was done due to the fact you can have various plants in one species. Why should you buy this book? Because the health of your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and those you don’t know will be able to enjoy the outdoors without being miserable. When we lived in Tennessee my husband could only go outside 3 months out of the year without being miserable. Now living in Louisiana he is only miserable 3 months out of the year. At the same time we would love to move back to Tennessee as his sons and family are there along with my daughter. With this book in hand we will be able to identify plants, shrubs, and trees in the home we buy that are the least harmful to his health. exposed to. A plant hardiness zone map, recommended reading, and website suggestions are also included. Know someone who is into gardening, landscaping, owns a nursery, or has anything to do with plants, shrubs, or trees? The Allergy-F Y