It's Your Life December/January 2015 - 2016 - Page 12

12 It’s Your Life Magazine some sitting yoga, simple stretches, head and neck rolls, calf raises and tense and release your leg and buttock muscles while sitting in your seat. Get up frequently when flying or stop often when driving to stretch your legs. Getting outside for a walk or enjoying a simple yoga practice once you reach your destination can also help you reset, relax after travel and get your circulation going. Step 4: Relax  Try to keep a regular routine while traveling for you and your children. Get adequate rest and sleep to stay balanced and energized throughout the holiday season. Take a few minutes for yourself to meditate, do some deep breathing, read quietly or simply rest. Schedule in time between family gatherings and trips to spend some less structured time outside in the fresh air if possible. For example, see if there is a park along your travel route where you can stop and let the children run around a bit and stretch their legs. Balancing out long stretches of sitting and travel with the freedom of play can help keep everyone balanced even when routines are disrupted. Getting sunshine and natural light exposure in the morning is also helpful for resetting your circadian rhythm when crossing time zones. Aim for at least 10-15 minutes of morning sunlight to help signal to your internal clock that the day has begun.  What are your favorite ways to stay healthy on the go? Do you have a delicious and travel-friendly travel snack that always scores a place in your carry-on? Dr. Jennifer Weinberg, MD, MPH, MBE A preventive and lifestyle medicine physician, yoga instructor and the Founder of the Simple|Pure|Whole Wellness Method http://www. She offers a Lifestyle Transformation Program to help clients recover from the overwhelm of life and fall in love with themselves again based on wisdom from her recently released book, The Whole Cure: 52 Essential Prescriptions to Overcome Overwhelm, Reclaim Balance and Reconnect with a Life You Love! which guides the reader in reconnecting with her authentic and passionate purpose and overcoming the challenges of everyday life! She offers innovative online wellness and education programs for individuals looking for sustainable optimal health and non-toxic living as well as health care providers seeking to embrace a transformative approach to health care and corporations wanting to integrate a holistic approach to corporate wellness. You can connect with Dr. Weinberg at her website http://www., Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and get free wellness resources by joining her community Ask The Doctor: Issue 5 S U B S C R I B E