It's Your Life December/January 2015 - 2016 - Page 11

December/January 11 4 Steps to Stay Healthy During Holiday Travel! Dr. Jennifer Weinberg, MD, MPH, MBE During the busy holiday season, many of us plan to hit the road or jet off to visit loved ones and family. As we squeeze into crowded buses, spend long stretches in flight and join fellow travelers on the train, it is important to take practical steps to stay healthy and energized to enjoy all the holiday celebrations! Travel can take a toll on our bodies if we are not careful. Fortunately, there are some great ways to naturally prepare ourselves for the stress of travel and stay healthy as we visit friends or explore the world!  These are some of my favorite tips for coping with the stresses of travel--a lack of access to healthy food options; prolonged sitting in cramped spaces like cars, trains and planes; dehydration; digestive woes; and disrupted schedules. Step 1: Before departure, prepare to avoid getting hungry!  When you get desperately hungry and don›t have healthy options nearby it is easy to be tempted to reach for the nearest quick treat to get you through. Instead of getting stuck without healthy options, take a little time to plan ahead and prepare to feed your hunger with healthy, travel-friendly options.  Pack your favorite transportable meals and snacks. Stainless steel containers are great chemical-free options to keep food s fresh and ready to go without the risk of breakage. Some of my favorite travel snacks include fresh fruit and veggies like celery sticks paired with your favorite nut or seed butter or hummus and cooked quinoa, millet, amaranth or buckwheat with chopped veggies and herbs. These make great balanced, light meals that can be enjoyed at room temperature. Step 2: Stay Hydrated  Start focusing on adequate hydration before you even leave home. Choose water when flying instead of dehydrating caffeinated beverages or soft drinks which contain sugars or artificial sweeteners and can contribute to bloating. I like to bring along a non-toxic reusable glass or stainless steel water bottle (empty when going through airport security) and fill it up on the go. You can also add some organic powdered greens for a detoxifying boost! Step 3: Keep Moving  Long periods of sitting in cramped spaces can be rough on your body and impede circulation. Do 2015