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Butler, Judith. (2011, January 13). Your Behavior Creates Your Gender. Retrieved on 16-05-2015 from Big Think website: Culp-Ressler, Tara. (2014, August 7). Forcing Kids To Stick To Gender Roles Can Actually Be Harmful To Their Health. Retrieved on 15-05-2015 from Think Progress website: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. (n.d.). Gender Roles. Retrieved on 16-05-2015 from CliffsNotes website: Yerby, Amanda. (n.d.). Gender Roles in Disney. Retrieved on 17-05-2015 from American University, School of Communication website: LeTrent, Sarah. (2013, October 10). Against his will: Female-on-male rape. Retrieved on 18-05-2015 from CNN International Edition website: Khamba, Gursimran. [All India Bakchod]. (2013, September 19). AIB: Rape – It’s Your Fault. [Video File]. Retrieved on 15-05-2015 from Youtube website: HeForShe: men participating in the movement against gender equality written by Rhianna Carrasco and Tirza Janse Examples of gender inequality Gender inequalities and biases are imbued in cultures all over the globe. The movement against gender inequality was originally seen as something by women for women. This had to do with the fact that, in many cultures, women felt inferior to men and were suppressed by them. In the fifties of the last century, it was common in many countries across Western Europe, that women had to quit their job as soon as they got married. They had to clean the house and take care of their children, while their husbands were making money. In fact, until the late fifties of the last century, even the Dutch law stipulated that married women had to stay at home. Thus, it was highly uncommon for a girl to go to university. Girls were expected to marry, have children, and stay at home, so why did they want to go to university, in the first place? In the present days, many countries are familiar with the phenomenon of underpayment. Men usually get higher paid than women. This could be because women often work part-time and typical female occupations are seen as less important, than male occupations. 19