Italian American Digest JT DIGEST Summer 2018 June First (1) - Page 15

SUMMER 2018 I talian A merican D igest PAGE 15 The AICC opens as a community gathering place for people of Italian heritage and for all those who love Italian culture. eans hosts the 1884 World Fair, named d Cotton Centennial because one third ton produced in the U.S. was handled in eans. Nick LaRocca and the Original Dixieland Jazz Band releases the “Livery Stable Blues,” the first commercial jazz single. An axe murderer, dubbed “the Axeman,” targets Italian grocers in New Orleans and sends the city into a panic. 1915 1891 84 1910 1919 Thr Hennessy Affair: After the murder of po- lice chief David Hen- nessy, dozens of Italian men are arrested and tried. No one is found guilty. A mob storms the parish prison and kills 11 Italians, bring- ing the U.S. and Italy to the brink of war. Designed by architect Perez Moore as a monu- ment to the Italian-American community and their contribution to New Orleans, the Piazza d’Italia is an example of late postmodernism. 1966 1917 Sam Cortese creates the Roman Candy Company, which is still in business today. The Saints are named for the song “When the Saints Go Marching In,” and the NFL franchise is announced on All Saints Day, November 1, 1966. They play their first season in 1967. The American Italian Cultural Center, artist Franco Alessan- drini, and the Archdiocese of New Orleans create and install a statue of Saint Pope John Paul II as a gift to the citizens of New Orleans for the Tricen- tennial. 1984 1978 2018 1984 New Orleans hosts the 1984 Louisiana World Exposition, whose theme is “The World of Rivers— Fresh Waters as a Source of Life.” The AICC has an Italian Village at the Expo. 2018