Italian American Digest DIGEST Winter 2017 Final - Page 9

WINTER 2017 I talian A merican D igest CEHA Welcomes New Members and Gears Up for Holiday Festivities T CLUB NEWS PAGE 9 Elenian Club Shares Tea with Debutantes by Joyce Schiro Lucas his summer the Beauregard-Keyes House is spotlighting its Italian history. The house is locae Beauregard-Keyes House from 1904-1925. Our organization welcomed several new mem- bers over the past four months where we hold our meetings each month, New Orleans Hamburger and Seafood Company. On September 8, many of our members attended the celebration of the Contessa Society with a Mass and Banner Procession at Holy Rosary Church on Esplanade Avenue in New Orleans. Following Mass, a luncheon was served at Chateau Country Club in Kenner. Those in attendance were: Dr. and Mrs. Rebert, John and Carol Terre, Cheryl Kuhn, Patricia and Debbie Carreca, Peter Gabb, Nick Glover, Toni Scramuzza, and Anthony and Carol Musso from the St. Anthony Society. Cheryl Kuhn, who serves as Social Media Administrator of CEHA to Joyce Schiro Lucas, received a two-year appreciation award for her dedication and tireless efforts. Our October meeting was held on October 21 at New Orleans Hamburger and Seafood Company. New members were introduced and upcoming events discussed. The Federation meeting was held on October 22 at the Italian Hall in Gretna. At this meeting Cheryl Kuhn, Ed Davis, Sr. and Cheryl Hentze received their appreciation awards. It was also World Mis- sion Sunday at St. Louis Cathedral with a reception in the garden. Members were encouraged to attend. Reminders were given regarding the November 1 blessing of the Contessa Tomb, the December 3 Christmas party, and the November 25 CEHA meeting. Elizabeth Schiro Parent gave the organization a detailed and interesting account of her time spent in Italy. She also gave us information on taking flights to Italy. November 1 marked the blessing of the Contessa Entellina Tomb in Old Metairie Cemetery. Rev. George from the Greek Orthodox Church and Fr. Noel were present. Several members of our organi- zation were present as well. A meeting was held November 25 at New Or- leans Hamburger and Seafood Company. We dis- cussed the agenda for our December meeting and collected money for the Christmas party. On December 3, we will celebrate our Christmas party, and on December 9, the St. Lucy Society meets at 4 p.m. at St John the Baptist in New Or- leans. May everyone have a blessed and joyous Christ- mas season. Lady in Waiting Rylee Nicole Forvendel stands in front of (from left to right) Faith Peperone, Chairwoman of Ladies in Waiting; Debutantes Sophia Chifici; Madeleine Bechac; Bianca Sprague; Emma Sprague; Katherine Kitchen; Stephanie Deshotel; LeeAnne Leopold-Savoie, Chairwoman of Debutantes; Therese Chifici; Anna Marie Hummel; Robin Hummel, President of the Elenian Club; Margaret Rose Manshel. Not pictured: Paulina Claros, Anna Grace Tyler and Charlotte Olevia Verges. T he Elenian Club held its Debutante Tea at The Double Tree Hotel in the Crescent Ballroom. The Debs, Ladies in Waiting, and guests were welcomed by Robin Hummel, President. Lee- Anne Leopold-Savoie introduced the Debs, and Faith Peperone introduced the Ladies in Wait- ing. Robin Hummel was excited to let the Elenian members know that we are also celebrating its 84th year as a club. Each Debutante was presented with a porcelain red rose—the flower of the Elenian Club—and the Ladies in Waiting were given a crystal red rose in remembrance of their day. They will be formally introduced at the Ballo di Natale on December 2. Sons of Italy cont. from previous page Provenza to move easily about the cemetery, and even a portable restroom! Many thanks to President Anthony Gugliuzza; Vice-President Joseph Fertitta, Sr., Board member Joe Fertitta Jr. and all volunteers for their work in honoring the memory of our ancestors. The very next weekend we held our annual Cannoli and Italian Sausage Fundraiser, add- ing Angelo Brocato sesame seed cookies to our menu this year. Joseph Fertitta Sr. and Joe Jr. lent us their new business location for the sale, and there was plenty of room, comfy furniture and Italian music for socializing with members and guests. The Club broke all previous sales records this year, selling 50 dozen cannoli and 350 pounds of sausage. Several members do- nated refreshments, and members enjoyed the weekend relaxing together – if not busy stuff- ing cannoli, filling orders and ringing up sales! The hard-workin