Italian American Digest DIGEST Winter 2017 Final - Page 8

CLUB NEWS PAGE 8 I talian A merican D igest WINTER 2017 Sons of Italy Honors the Badge on Columbus Day by Linda Serio T he Sons of Italy had a busy Fall season! Vice-President Joseph Fertitta and his cousin Joe Fertitta were asked to do an encore perfor- mance of their “Sicilian Restaurant and Grocery Store History” talk. The Oct. 1 event took place at the historic Fertitta’s Deli, which is still oper- ated by the sister of Board member Mickey Fertitta. The stories take the audience back to the days of the first immigrant businesses in Shreveport- Bossier. The talks were so well received that the two Joes were con- tacted by NPR to record a podcast of this integral part of local history. To continue the “We Back the Badge” tradition begun last year, Johnnie and Sue Estess had a new idea for honoring local law enforce- ment this year. Noting that the 2016 Law Enforcement Appreciation Dinner reached only a fraction of the area’s deserving officers, this year’s program reached out to all. In cel- ebration of Columbus Day, the club Pick up the I talian A merican D igest at these locations and many others throughout Louisiana Uptown Avenue Coffee Avo Breads on Oak Castellan Pharmacy Cibo Dolce Vita Pizzeria Franky & Johnny’s Fresco Il Posto Latter Memorial Library Magazine Pizza Maple St. Patisserie Mojo’s Coffee New Orleans Hamburger Pascal’s Manale Pizza Domenica PJ’s Coffee Rue de la Course Trolley Stop Whole Foods Angeli on Decatur Byrdie’s Cafe Giovanni Central Grocery Deanie’s Fiorella’s Frank’s Restaurant Irene’s Cuisine Italian Barrell La Divinia Little Vic’s Mardi Gras Zone Mariza’s Matassa’s Mona Lisa Napoleon House Pizza Delicious Satsuma Tony Moran’s Verti Mart Who Dat Cafe CBD Lakeview AICC Between the Bread CC’s Coffee Domenica Marcello’s Merchant Coffee Mother’s Pulp and Grind Red Gravy Reginelli’s Pizzeria Reginelli’s PIzza Russell’s Marina Grill Two Tony’s Chalmette Cafe Roma Katz Lounge Nonna Randazzo’s Bakery PJ’s Coffee Rocky and Carlo’s Tag’s Meat Market and Deli Today’s Ketch Seafood Zig’s Sports Lounge Mid-City Angelo Brocato’s Betsy’s Pancake House City Wholesale Liquor Katie’s Liuzza’s Liuzza’s by the Track Mandina’s Mid City Pizza Nonna Mia Cafe & Pizzeria PJ’s Coffee Schoen Funeral Home Venezia Pizza French Quarter / Marigny Arabella Casa di Pasta Adolfo’s Harahan / Jefferson Dot’s Diner Harahan Senior Center Jefferson Senior Center Joe Yenni Building New York Pizza Oak Oven PJ’s Coffee Puccino’s Metairie American Italian Research Library Andrea’s Restaurant Cafe Cafe Cafe Roma Chateau Drugs Deanie’s Dorignac’s Fausto’s Bistro Fury’s Gambino’s Gennaro’s Gio’s Restaurant Greater New Orleans Bocce Club Impastato’s Restaurant Majoria Drugs Mark Twain’s Martin Wine Cellar Mellow Mushroom Morning Call Mr. Ed’s Seafood Nor-Joe Import Company Peppermill Restaurant Pizza Shoppe PJ’s Coffee Puccino’s Ristorante Fillipe Sandro’s Semolina Zuppardo’s Kenner Brick Oven Restaurant Kenner City Hall La Bella’s Deli & Catering Mr. Ed’s Seafood Ristorante de Piero partnered with a local merchant who supplies uniforms to law enforce- ment. The Club donated cannoli and refreshments, and other local donors joined in with food, giveaways and monetary support. An estimated 900 law enforcement officers attended. The Club was asked to participate in a Multicultural Rosary at St. Jo- seph’s Catholic Church in October. The rosary was recited in Italian, Spanish, Filipino, Latin, and Ma- layalam. The intention was for the entire world to pray in union with The Blessed Virgin Mary to find solutions for today’s global prob- lems. The Italian decade was recited by Sr. Maria Cristina Angelini of the order of Our Lady of Sorrows. The OLS sisters are well-loved in the area, having been brought from Italy to Alexandria, Louisiana by Bishop Charles Greco (and an actual Act of Congress) in 1947. Bishop Greco was considered the “founding father of their life in the United States”. Mother Zita Verni and 13 sisters sailed from Naples to continue the work of their founder, Blessed Elisa- betta Renzi. Their mission was to spread the preferential love of Christ for the poor, the weak and the needy. Bishop Greco had a particular plan for them to lovingly minister to the mentally disabled, and the educa- tional/residential []][ۜ^B[Y[^\^Kۈݙ[X\ KH۝[YYHXY][ۈH\X\][[H\[وHܘ]\] \[Y]\KH\[XBوHX\Y\][X[[[ZYܘ[›\\XK]\[HYHوB[۝[Y[Z[[ NLLHHH][XB[\HY]K]\ܝ8&\KB][Y]HوH][X[[[ZKBܘ[ˈH]\\[[\Y[H[[ˈX]\BوYHXݙKX[ X^[ۙYܝ˜H\Y[X\HݚYYX\[X][܈\]ܜB[Y]\KH\܈[ۜYۛ܂ۜو][H۝ ۈ^YB\[ٙYH [[ۈܛ[ٙYBSX\[&\]Y[]\’&XZ[YHHYBY\ۈ\\X\B\\[ٙYZ\B[&\^B]H[YB&\ٙYB&\^\XBX[x&\][X[Y]XX[H][X[\•۞HX[[x&\ݚ[ۂ&\][X[YBYHH[ۙB[\[8&\ٙYH[XBۛx&\^\XBH\[x&\\]\[SX\[&\]Y[]\’\X[x&\^\XBۛH[^&\Z\B&\ٙYB &\ٙYZ\B]ۈYB[۞x&\][X[[B]ۈYH۝[[ۂ[\]ܜ\X]B]ۈYHܘ[ۜ›و][BٙYH[H[[&\^BQ][[][X[YB\[H][X[XY\]\[[&\\]\[H][H[]“X\\]\\X^[8&\X\][ۚ[x&\”[]x&\”ܙ[&\\H8&R][XB[^&\][X[X\]\\]HXZۈ]\ܝ8&\ܚY[[X[X[ܛ\Hܙ\HXY\H]\]x&\[K