Italian American Digest DIGEST Winter 2017 Final - Page 25

WINTER 2017 I talian A merican D igest PAGE 25 Rep. Steve Scalise Gets Warm Welcome at Tiger Stadium I ta l i a n C rossword P uzzle J oe Alleva, LSU’s athletics director, greets Rep. Steve Scalise during an LSU football game. This was Scalise’s first appearance at Tiger Stadium since his tragic shooting. Al- leva is a past LAISF National Honoree. —Philip Cancilieri Across Down Answers Across: 3 Bologna, 5 Roman Holiday, 6 befana, 8 Prada, 10 Papa, 11 spaghetti, 13 vin brule, 14 Colosseum, 18 Franco Harris, 19 Volare Down: 1 Bernini, 2 natale, 4 Leonardo da Vinci, 7 Piccolo Palermo, 9 re, 12 panettone, 15 Nero, 16 It’s a Wonderful Life, 17 Matt LeBlanc, 20 Aperol Leonardo’s cont. from previous page sentation. Lasagna Bolognese at Leonardo’s is not made up of large, slippery sheets of lasagna pasta but delicate, thin slivers of pasta gently layered with cheese and rich, meaty red sauce. If all this food was not enough, we were in- formed that the cannoli were delicious and that the filling was made by the chef. We figured they were worth a try. They did not steer us wrong: the shells were crispy and the ricotta filling was slightly sweet with a hint of lemon. A fine finish to a wonderful meal. The lunch deals at Leonardo’s are a steal. For around $10 you can get a two-course lunch. I had the rigatoni with pesto with a Caesar salad. The pesto was rich and creamy, flavorful and filling. I chose to get it without any meat, and it was a full meal with the addition of a side salad dressed with a well-balanced Caesar dressing. I am not sure how Chef made the pesto so full of flavor, but it was spectacular. Other lunch specials include eggplant Parme- san served with soup or salad and a side of your choice of fresh, house-made rigatoni, spaghetti, or fettuccine pasta. The eggplant was almost paper thin and subtle—no thick, greasy, messy fried pieces of eggplant but thin, elegantly stacked eggplant, cheese, and red sauce. The flavor of the eggplant is more pronounced and it practically melts in your mouth. I cannot say enough good things about this place. The prices are more than reasonable, and my only complaint is that I live on the other side of the lake. Leonardo is a humble and talented chef and has turned his small kitchen into a warm home serving simple but grand cuisine.