Italian American Digest DIGEST Winter 2017 Final - Page 15

WINTER 2017 I talian A merican D igest All of these excursions were mag- nificent, but some of the most precious memories are the unplanned experiences that we shared. For example, walking through lovely Sicilian communities was magical and transported the group to another era. On one such walk through a tiny street in Erice, we were greeted by shop owners as well as beautiful Sicil- ian children sitting in doorways selling their clay ceramic creations. And who can forget the vocal performance we were treated to by Frank in L’Orecchio di Dionisio, in the city of Syracuse? Perhaps the ultimate joyful memory is of Sal Anselmo, age 92, borrowing a bicycle from un ragazzo in the Pi- azza in front of the Palermo Cathedral and making circles around the piazza while the rest watched in awe. One of the most beautiful memories is of at- tending Sunday Mass in Agrigento at Parrocchia Cuore Immacolato di Maria. About 12 of our group sat among the local worshipers. We were delighted to understand the homily delivered, in Italian, by the youthful celebrant. This experience truly made us feel we had come “home”! The atmosphere was so spiritual and communal. During our trip, many of us experi- enced the emotional connection of being a part of our “homeland.” If you have ever thought of visiting Sicily, don’t hesitate. Call today to join us in 2018. You will never have a better opportunity to travel. We have a trip to Rome, Ven- ice, Bologna and Florence in May, and in September we will return to Sicily. Check out the itineraries on the AICC website, americanitalianculturalcenter. com. Travel is a delightful experience, but travel with the AICC is beyond delight- ful. Viaggiare è la cosa più bella che pos- sa esistere!! PAGE 15 AICC group at the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento Tony, Sal, Dane, and Don become art. Sal Anselmo on the streets of Sicily Linda Prattini celebrates her birthday in Sicily. Honey and Chris at Mount Etna