Italian American Digest DIGEST Winter 2017 Final - Page 14

I talian A merican D igest PAGE 14 WINTER 2017 S icilia M eravigliosa ! by Elizabeth Schiro Parent W Robert and Susan enjoy some sightseeing in Sicily. Elizabeth, Don, and Linda at a Sicilian pastry shop Cheryl and Albert at the Valley of the Temples Photos courtesy of the AICC travelers hy Sicily? Words are not enough to adequately explain the fascination and beauty of this ancient land. Sicily is a rare combination of bucolic landscapes juxtaposed with an- cient edifices, mysterious and threatening volcanoes and mag- nificent seaside views. In September 2017, an AICC group had the pleasure of visit- ing Sicily. We enjoyed a fabulous itinerary organized by Ales- sandro. We arrived in Palermo on September 2nd and were met by the local tour professional, Daniello. The warmth of the Sicilian sun was matched by his greeting. We were accom- panied throughout the week by another native guide, Roberto, who proved to be the most patient, caring and professional hands on local guide. Sicily is truly one of the most ravishing places in the Medi- terranean. The island is a unique fusion of northern Euro- pean, Byzantine, and Islamic cultures. Once you visit, don’t be surprised if this island has an addictive effect on you! The resplendent landscapes, olive and lemon trees, breathtaking views of the sea, Greek temples, Byzantine mosaics, and the food make you feel like you’re in paradiso! Alessandro created the ultimate itinerary. We visited the fab- ulous UNESCO world heritage site at Agrigento, the Piazza Ar W&FR&f6RbVFR&672FPf&FV66RVBWFF&֖FR&bЦ6RbW766&7W6fW2w&VVFVG&R( &V66FF66Vf;&VRB6V6&R6Ff6&W@&v76VF&F6VFBFv